Avoiding Black Hat SEO Methods

"avoiding black hat seo methods"It is commonly known that a successful internet marketing business has its foundations built on solid ground and not on sand, but if you choose to go down the shady road of using black hat search engine optimisation methods there will be nothing but trouble ahead.

Let me tell you a story about something that happened a few years ago, many marketers were using a tool which knocked up websites in a matter of seconds, each website would consist of hundreds, if not thousands of pages with each page full of adsense adds. Content was automatically placed on each page which basically could have been written in a foreign language as it did not make any sense at all.

Internet marketers who were involved with this black hat software got to the stage where they had thousands of these websites and were making more money in a month than many people would be making in year. This went on for some time and they really thought that they had hit the jackpot, which I suppose they had.

Their whole business was based on this method until they woke up one morning and found that Google, with one foul swoop had delisted all of these websites. Marketers went from earning thousands of dollars per day to next to nothing, literally over night. You would think that the industry would have learned a lesson after this bit still, people are trying to look for short cuts to enable them to do all manner of things, from ranking on Google to making money full stop.

It always makes me smile when I see a product or training course being released which boasts of beating some kind of loop hole and all for $27! Do your self a big favour, when you see a loophole being advertised or a black hat method which could easily close your business down, simply ignore them because you will still be going strong when the black hatters have fallen by the wayside.

It all boils down to common sense really, if something seems to good to be true then it usually is and you will save yourself so much money if you keep your hand in your pocket and don’t try and purchase every product which says it will show you how to do something with only a couple of clicks of the mouth, it is just not worth the hassle I can assure you.

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