Are You To Demanding For Your Outsourcer?

"Outsourcing"I first started outsourcing part of my business in 2009 and must admit I have not looked back since and it has been a fantastic experience.

Yes of course there have been several bumps along the way but it has certainly been a journey worth making.

I have made some brilliant friends and hired some absolute gems. I had one bad manager but I soon found a good replacement that was ten times better than the first one.

I have also had way too many flakes over the years when outsourcers don’t take seriously their income online because they don’t leave the home to earn it and get bored or are just not into freelancing.

Then there is the other side of me and that is as the freelancer. Running an internet marketing business I am on both sides and it makes me a much better webmaster because I am currently in the same position as my staff.

"Outsourcing"And as a result I am not demanding. Very few of my work force are put forward to an exact time to do their work. So they will have a weekend deadline for their work and will have all week to do it in. Then its their choice when they work so if they want to take their kids to school they can!

Through using the forums on a regular basis I have noticed a growing trend in people ditching their freelancing jobs because of difficult clients and I can understand why.

Too many of these business owners have never done the writing themselves and don’t look at the work involved and the whole picture.

There is also the nervous side of things where they are nervous that the outsourcer will do a bad job and because they can’t watch them like they would in an office it turns them into this horrible boss.

At the end of the day what you should be doing is looking for alternative work if you can’t work with your outsource company and then when you have found the new work to get rid of the old work. That way it is not hitting you hard on the wallet.

Or you can go to your employer and air out any problems as you never know maybe it can be sorted out.

I have only ever ditched one client in all my years online and it was because he was interested in income streams that were illegal so I must be a lot more easy going than I thought!

Remember though it is a freelancers market right now with more work than quality staff so think of that next time you are in a bad outsourcing job. After all didn’t you do freelancing to get away from horrible bosses?

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