Are You Making This One Mistake With Your Online Business?

internet-marketingI can spot a marketer who is never going to be successful and is not going to be successful from a single email. I get them everyday and I can say that I very rarely hear from these newbies ever again. And they certainly don’t become the next internet marketing guru.

Here is an example of the kind of email that I am talking about:

Hi Samantha,

I’ve got my squeeze page ready and my one time offer set up to hopefully help me make a profit.

But how do I put the files up on the server?

Can you do it for me?

Seriously? You expect me to come away from the work I am concentrating on to upload your website for you?

You need to learn how to do these kind of things yourself otherwise you will never learn and you will never get anything done.

Some people will blame you if it doesn’t show you how to do this word for word in your ebook course you have just bought. When its an obvious skill set.

This then brings me back to another problem that newbie internet marketers have. They expect everything to be done for them and its like none of them have actually heard of Google. For example there are thousands of blogs with step by step guides on how to do something and by Googling the problem you can have the answer right in front of you.

Just like if you genuinely can’t work out how to do it nothing stops you from hiring a virtual assistant on Fiverr where they will gladly fix your problem for $1 an hour.

You know with an internet marketing business you’ll be amazed how many times over the years you will have technical problems that you will have to work out the answer to. If you allow the very first one to come between you and running a successful business then there is no way you will make it past the newbie tag.

You already know that doing the likes of uploading websites is possible because everybody else in business does it. You just have to have the patience to work out how to do it.

You just need enough knowledge to be able to overcome these problems you don’t need to be an expert at it just enough knowledge to get by.

Take anything you’re good at – you had to learn that skill at some point and then a few years down the line you’ll look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.

If something is stopping your business from moving forward and you know for a fact that other people know how to do it.

Then find out how to do it and then move on…..

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