An Introduction to the Google Sandbox

"An Introduction to the Google Sandbox"In the world of Internet marketing, there are many things that can drive the success of your business and one of the biggest of these “things” is Google. To be frank, Google is the most important search engine out there and how you rank with this search engine will greatly determine just how successful you are in this industry.

That being said, allow me to introduce you to the Google Sandbox. The Google Sandbox is a theory that is used to explain why domains that have constant ownership changes, or domains that have just been registered, rank poorly with Google Search Engine Results Pages. In shore, the Google Sandbox is essentially a ‘sandbox’ where new websites are placed and their search ratings are not assessed until the sites can show that they should be ranked by the Google Search Engine Results Pages. If a website is placed in the Google Sandbox, when that website should that its quality and worth, it will be taken out of the sandbox and will then be ranked.

So, what should you do if your website is put into the Google Sandbox? You need to improve its quality. There are several ways that you can improve the quality of your website, including producing quality content and posting to your website regularly. However, despite all of the things that you can do to improve the quality of your website, ultimately, it is going to take time to get it removed from the sandbox.

Now, it should be said that the Google Sandbox is just a theory. Google as never admitted to actually promote a sandbox effect, but most webmasters do believe that it does exist. Those who believe that it does exist think that it began sometime in 2004, when this search engines algorithm was changed, making it so that new websites would not be able to appear at the top of the Google Search Engine Results Pages.

Whether you believe in the Google Sandbox Effect or not, one thing is for sure; you are going to want to make sure that you create a quality website. This includes creating authentic content and adding content to the site regularly. If you create a quality website, you will find yourself standing a better chance of being ranked well on Google, which will ultimately help to drive the success of your business and will determine your place in the Internet marketing industry.

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