An Introduction To Social Bookmarking

"An Introduction To Social Bookmarking"Have you ever opened up your email or your Facebook page and found that a friend or family member has sent you a link to a website? If so, then you and your friend or family member have, perhaps unknowingly, participated in social bookmarking.

Are you confused by exactly what social bookmarking is? Social bookmarking is when you tag the URL of a website and save it someplace so that you can visit it later. Instead of saving the URLs to these websites on your web browser, however, social bookmarking saves these URLs on a website. Why? To make the process of saving these URLs and retrieving them an easier one. You see, when you save these websites to a web browser, not only can it cause your browser to become a jumbled mess, but saving these URLs in this way only allows you to retrieve them from the computer that you saved them to, which means you can’t access them from any place else other than that computer.

Why would you want to participate in social bookmarking? Well, have you ever gone to a website and wanted to find it again later, with ease? With social bookmarking, you can easily do this. You can also easily share the websites that you have saved with others, and you can also browse through the social bookmarking site to see what websites other people are finding interesting. For instance, you can search tags, recently added websites and so forth. In short, social bookmarking enables you to hone in on what it is that you want to find on the Web. With a social bookmarking website, you can skip using a search engine to find what you are looking for and instead, search for it on the social bookmarking site, which offers you a narrower search base.

There are several social bookmarking sites on the Web, and some of them are more popular and more trusted then others. Some of the most popular social bookmarking sites include, Digg, Furl It, Stumble Upon and Slashdot.

If you are an Internet marketing, having your site placed on one of these social bookmarking sites can help to drive more traffic to it. If you want to add your website to a social bookmarking site, you simply have to submit it. Once your site is submitted, make it easy for others who use the socially bookmarking sites to find by keeping your site fresh and updated.

Social bookmarking can help to drive more traffic to your website, increasing your sales and your success.

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