An Introduction to a Site Map

" An Introduction to a Site Map"There are several tools that an Internet marketer can use to find success in this industry. One of those tools is a site map. Before I tell you how a site map can help you, let me tell you just what a site map is.

A site map is a way for a webmaster to let a search engine know that a page on their site is ready for crawling. In short, a site map is a way to let the search engines know about a page that they may otherwise never know about. Creating a site map and submitting it to the search engines lets the engines know about all of the pages that are available on your site, as well as URLs that may not otherwise be found. In its simplest form, a site map is an XML file that shows the URLs to your site, as well as the additional metadata related to each and every URL on your site, such as when the pages on the site were last updates, how often your site changes and how your site ranks against other sites. This enables a search engine to crawl the site provided on the site map more intelligently.

So, why would you want to use a site map? Well, for many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • A site map can be helpful if your website has very lively content
  • If your site has pages that are not easily noticed when search engines go through their crawl process
  • If your site has just started and it has few links to it
  • If your site has a very large archive of content pages that are not linked well to each other, or if they are not linked at all.

If your website fits any of the above mentioned descriptions, then you really should consider creating a site map for it. If you are interested in creating a site map, you may want to know how to actually go about creating it. Here are a few quick and easy tips that you can use to create your site map.

  • Head over to the xml sitemaps site.
  • Once there, enter the full URL of your website. You can also choose options, such as how often your site is updates.
  • Hit the “Start” button. Once you hit the button, your site map will be generated for you.
  • After your site map is generated, simply click on the download the .xml file.

So, if your site will benefit from a site map, I highly encourage you to create one to get your site noticed and boost your success.

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