Amazon Cracks Down On Abuse E Books

"amazon abuse e books news"Amazon, the online retailing giant, has taken the step of removing e books for sale on its site with abuse themes.

According to a report by the BBC Amazon has removed books with titles such as “Taking My Drunk Daughter” from its Kindle store following a report which highlighted the number of titles available from the store with abuse related titles related to incest, rape and bestiality.

A report from the BBC found that many online retailers were selling books with abuse titles and both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have said that they will be removing books with such titles while WHSmith and Kobo have yet to respond to the findings from the BBC.

Amazon have not made a comment about the fact that e books with abuse titles can be searched for with ease on the site and without any age verification process kicking in to stop underage readers from accessing the books.  The company have however confirmed that books listed by The Kernel have now been removed from their Kindle store.

A spokesman from Barnes & Noble told the BBC that books of this type were in violation of the policy of the NOOK store and that these books were being removed also.

The spokesman said: “When there are violations to the content policy that are brought to our attention, either through our internal process or from a customer or external source, we have a rapid response team in place to appropriately categorize or remove the content in accordance with our policy.”

It was found that the books with the abuse titles were found in the self publishing sections of sites, areas where authors can upload their own work and the stores then take a percentage of the money made through the sales of these books.

The former chairman of the Internet Watch Foundation, Mark Stephens, told the BBC: “The directors of Amazon have a very difficult question to answer: why are they making profits from pornography which, on the face of it, seems to be criminal?”

It was found that many of the books in question had taken care to ensure that it was clear that characters in the stories were shown to be over the age of 18 and were not biological daughters but instead step-daughters in many cases but it would appear that these books do infringe the very rules set out by stores such as Amazon who state that they do not accept pornography or “offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts”.

The case has highlighted the need for legislation on online pornography to also include guidelines in relation to the written word when it comes to depicting abuse for entertainment.

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