Am I Following The Internet Marketing Dream?

"Internet Marketing Is Stress Free"So I was working last weekend and the weekend before that for that matter and I posted about it on Facebook and I was surprised by how many people commented that I was not following the internet marketing dream by working weekends.

I even had someone post that it makes me a bad mother for not enjoying quality time with my family at the weekend.

And that if you are successful online there is no way you should be working weekends. And that it is some kind of sin to even think of working on a weekend.


I must admit I would expect that of the locals where I live in Portugal. My local small town totally shuts down on a Sunday and you can’t even find a decent restaurant that is open it is literally dead.

I grew up in the seasonal holiday trade with parents with posh holiday flats in a British seaside town and it became second nature to work weekends and I quite like it.

"Internet Marketing Is About Being Able To Pick And Choose Your Hours"What internet marketing is about for me though is about being able to pick and choose your hours. Less and less people work on a weekend so I don’t have lots of emails or coaching clients to assist so I can get down to working that actually brings in the bacon such as writing an ebook or creating a new PLR package or designing a new website and it is so peaceful.

With my writers for example I have deadlines for them but it will be a 7 day deadline so they can choose when they work and more importantly where they work.

I have the exact same choice on ours. I have no shop to open early on a Monday morning and I don’t miss any of my son’s school events and can have a nice walk through the local town with him after school without worrying that I have to rush back for things.

"Heading Down To The Beach On A Thursday Morning"When we moved to Portugal we made the choice that due to the difference in school terms compared to England (they get a 3 month summer break in Portugal) we would work hard during term time and then part time in the school holidays. Which means sacrificing a few weekends here and there. But it is a brilliant feeling to head down to the beach on a Thursday morning while everyone else is on holiday after just half an hour of answering emails and checking website statistics.

But at the end of the day it’s down to personal choice. You choose when you work and if you work hard why can’t you play hard too?

And who cares if I only have one weekend off a month its worth it to spend a whole three months relaxing with just a few light internet marketing bits and pieces to do.

Now think about when you want to work, how you will work and most importantly how you will enjoy the freedom that internet marketing brings you!

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