Alexa Rank SOS: Is The Site You Are Advertising On High Content Or High Traffic?

"Alexa Rank SOS: Is The Site You Are Advertising On High Content Or High Traffic?"I recently worked with someone who was advertising with a website that had a good Alexa Ranking, yet this person wasn’t experiencing great results from advertising with this site. Why? What gives?

Well, I did some research to find out why the site that this person was advertising on wasn’t doing too well and found that while the site did have a lot of traffic, the site wasn’t exactly high quality.

What is the big deal? Alexa Ranking is all about the amount of traffic a site receives; isn’t it? And the more traffic a site receives, the better you will do to advertise on it; right? Wrong.

While yes, a lot of traffic is certainly a good thing when it comes to choosing a website to advertise on, the quality of the site is also extremely important. You see, while a site may receive a lot of traffic, it may not be receiving a lot of quality traffic. In other words, the site may have a lot of visitors, but those visitors may not be staying very long and may not be fully interacting with the site. When a visitor doesn’t stay on a site too long, or interact with it, this means that the visitor likely won’t take notice of your advertisements; and obviously, the point of advertising with a website is to get your advertisement noticed and drive more traffic your website.

So, what should you do if you find that you are advertising your business on a site that has a high ranking, according to Alexa, but isn’t high quality? Well, reassess your situation. Check out sites that not only receive a lot of traffic and have a good Alexa Ranking, but that also feature high quality content. A site that has a decent Alexa Ranking and a high search engine ranking is a prime site to purchase advertising space from. Placing an ad on such a site will provide a great benefit for your business. You see, if a site is visited often, and it has quality content, the more the visitors of that site will interact with the site and see your advertisements.

Advertising is one of the most important things that you can do for your Internet marketing business, as advertising will help to attract even more attention to your website. If you want to really appreciate the benefits of advertising on websites, then advertise on a site that has a lot of traffic and is high quality.

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