Age Limit Raised To 17 On Twitter’s Vine

"Twitter vine porn"The Twitter video sharing app, Vine, has raised the age of its users to being 17 years old following a flood of pornographic material and inappropriate videos being uploaded on to the site.

The Vine app has only recently been launched and it was originally open to users over the age of 12, however the age limit on Vine has now been raised to 17 years old for anyone wanting to access the app.

The age limit of 17+ is the highest age limit stated in the Apple store and reveals that Vine has become home to many inappropriate images since it was first launched only a month ago.

Since the launch of Vine on Twitter hundreds of hardcore porn images have been uploaded to the app that allows users to add 6 second videos to their Twitter messages.

The flood of porn videos on the site has led to Twitter apologising to users for the availability of these images on the app and the ease that users are able to find them.

However Vine are working to make things better for users and safer for younger users with the age restriction being the first step in protecting children from being exposed to inappropriate videos.

Now anyone wanting to access Vine on Twitter needs to confirm that they are over the age of 17 before they enter the site but this is the only age verification process currently in place and is seen by critics as being too little too late.

Just after the app was released Twitter made the mistake of putting a porn clip in to the editors pick list on the app leading to many people seeing the images without even having to search for key words relating to porn videos.

None of the video clips on Vine are vetted before they are posted on to the site to allow people freedom of expression but this has left the door wide open for porn material to make its way on to the app.

If anyone finds a video that they find to be offensive then they then have the option to report it as being offensive.

The popularity of Vine is predicted to increase in the coming months as it adds a new dimension to Twitter and has been dubbed by many to be the “Instagram of videos”.

Twitter has also announced that some search words will no longer be accepted in the Vine app to make it less easy for people to find porn images.  You can no longer search the words porn, sex or naked as well as several other terms.

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