Advertising At DSM Publishing

Hello, and welcome to DSM Publishing’s advertising page. If you are looking for a great way to spread the word about your business, then you have come to the right place. If you have had a look around our website, you know that DSM Publishing is a highly successful site that has thousands of website viewers each and every day. Not only do we have thousands of site visitors, be we are a highly accredited website.

What does this mean to you? It means that if you advertise your business on our website, you are sure to get your website noticed and attract new website visitors.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider advertising your business on our website:

  • You will maximise your exposure to our huge audience!
  • You will spread the word about your business!
  • Give our website viewers a chance to view your website with ease, as they can simply click on your advert and visit your website!
  • You will be advertising on a highly accredited site, which means that potential website visitors will know that your website is also top-notch!

With so many great reasons to advertise on our website, making the decision to advertise on our website really is an easy decision!

We encourage all of our website visitors to consider advertising on our website. Your advert will be appealing and easily visible from the pages of the DSM Publishing website. As our site visitors look around our site, they will be enticed to click on the ad for your website, which will, in turn, translate to more exposure, greater success and higher profits for you.

Where Our Traffic Comes From

The main advertising objective with the DSM Publishing website is organic traffic. Like many businesses we don’t want our business model relying on PPC (pay per click) therefore the majority of our traffic is free rather than paid. Word of mouth has always been a big part of our business model as has subscribers, SEO and social media. All of which are part of the daily figures on DSM Publishing.

Here is how our traffic is divided up:

Snapshot of traffic %

Traffic on the DSM Publishing Website

Traffic last month

  • Top 80,000 Alexa
  • Page rank 3
  • Unique Visitors – 130,000 +
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 190+
  • Monthly Unique Visitors – 4500+
  • Page Views – 11,000+
  • Subscribers (RSS) – 25000+

Banner Advertising

Paid banner advertising is a fantastic way to tap into the DSM Publishing traffic and bring good quality traffic through to your website. Your banner will appear on both the front page of the website and on all blog posts and pages.

125*125 Banner Advert $15 per calendar month (Buy from 2CO)

250*125 Banner Advert $25 per calendar month (Buy from 2CO)

250*250 Banner Advert $50 per calendar month (Buy from 2CO)

Sponsored Social Advertising

Social advertising involves us placing your advert on either our Facebook fan page or our Twitter profile. It is very good for traffic and you can also choose for us to retweet or share your Facebook story. Either way the traffic from our social media accounts can be dynamite for selling your products and services.

These are the two social accounts that are available for advertising: – 50,000+ Followers – 1600+ Likes

Advertise on DSM Publishing’s social accounts with the following options:

  • 3 Tweets over one day at $15 (order now)
  • 3 Tweets a Day for 30 Days – with this social media advertising option, you will be mentioned on our Facebook wall completely free of charge, which will boost your business even further. $250 (order now)
  • Facebook update or share, plus we will feature it on the top for 24 hours and highlight it to our readers afterwards $15 (order now)

We also have other social media packages available on request.

Sponsored Reviews

When you advertise the DSM Publishing website, your product, service or website will be reviewed by one of the senior writers on our staff. One of our senior writers will compose a review article of at least 1,000 words of your product, service or website and we will then publish that review article, which will appear on the homepage under the reviews section. This review article will include pictures and screenshots, and will have get exposure to our 4,250 monthly unique visitors and 25,000+ RSS readers.

Our reviews are impartial and we give a 100% honest opinion of your website. We give no guarantees to give you a 100% positive review. Our review may contain some of the not-so-stellar aspects of your offer, as well as the exceptional aspects of your offer.

Benefits of Sponsored Advertising: With Sponsored Advertising, you will receive front page exposure, several links to your website to help with SEO and traffic, as well as a permanent article on our site and RSS feed.

Our review articles are also published on video channels, social media channels and lots of other free traffic resources. Givingt you excellent exposure for your product or service.

Instructions for Sponsored Advertising: Once you make your payment, please email us with your name and contact email, as well as the information about what it is that you want reviewed. Please include appropriate links to access your product or website so we can complete the review for you.

Cost: $ 150.00 (order now)

If you think that your business will benefit from being advertised on our website, then we encourage you to act quickly, as our advertising space is limited and the limited space that we do have is filling up very quickly.

We offer you a great value for your money and we guarantee that you will see the results that you desire when you advertise on our website. So, if you want to boost your business and your success, advertise with us today!