Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

"advantages and disadvantages of social media"Social media is no doubt the buzz word when it comes to internet marketing but have you ever sat back and considered the advantages and disadvantages of social media and what it can do for your online business. To start with, if you are not involved with social media you are leaving money on the table, it really is as simple as that.

The reasons for this are obvious, every man and his dog now seem to have a Twitter or Facebook account so it stands to sense that to make money online, you need to go to the people instead of making them come to you. It is easy to interact with your customers through social media and it could very well surprise you how easy it is to build on that relationship.

The advantages and disadvantages of social media have been well documented in that it has become common for internet markets to completely abuse the opportunities that are open to them, for example, tweeting all sorts of rubbish on their Twitter accounts which is nothing less than spamming, it has also become the norm to open lots of Facebook accounts and then to get someone off Fiverr to add thousands of friends.

It is just not worth going down this route for the main reason that you just don’t need to, and anyone who does will be more or less wasting their time. Use social media in a way that gives people some value, offer helpful and interesting advice and you will find that the benefits will pay you back many times over.

For me though, when it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of social media, the main thing to be aware of is not to waste your time. It is very easy to log onto your Facebook account with the goal of doing some work but then, three hours later, you realise that you have been reading what your friends are up to and it will have turned into nothing more than an unproductive day. If you are going to use social media for pleasure, be strict with yourself and set an allocated time of no more than 20 minutes. As soon as that 20 minutes is up, log off. If these steps are not taken you will soon realise how unforgiving time can be and your internet marketing business will suffer, in more ways than you probably think.

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