A Week In The Life Of An Internet Marketer

"Life As An Internet Marketer"A week in the life of an internet marketer isn’t all fun and games. Though our 12 year old son Kyle seems to think we have it easy and that we just do a bit of blogging and then he is suddenly provided for.

We live in a small town in Portugal, 20 minutes drive from the local Algarve beach and this below is our local hangout place:

"Algarve, Portugal"

We chose to work for ourselves and work from home so that if we wanted a day off or wanted to go away for the weekend we could. We have been internet marketers for nearly nine years now and must confess we have loved every moment of it. Of course there have been some lows but the majority have been highs.

We relocated to Portugal and left rainy England behind in 2008 after 3 years as an internet marketer. As after all you can work anywhere that has space for your laptop and an internet connection.

So for next week only – we have decided to put a diary together so that you can see if it is your cup of tea or not. This is during our busy period and will also cover the transfer of our main site onto a brand new theme. So expect to read about how busy you can really get!!!


I turn on the laptop at 8.30am which is a little late for me for a Monday. I am normally a 7.30am girl. School starts for our 12 year old at 8.30am so we get up much earlier than what we did when we lived in England.

Monday morning always comes across way too soon. I am reviewing a weight loss diet at the moment so I am on a caffeine ban until tomorrow. So it will take me an extra hour to wake up this morning!

We move DSM Publishing onto Thesis and it seems to go without too many hiccups. Thankfully! Why it so nerve wrecking when you change your WordPress theme?

Our graphics designer does an amazing job and I still have to pinch myself for getting such a wonderful outsourcer.

We have dinner while watching Big Bang Theory. And the novelty still hasn’t worn off with working from home. Cooking dinner in the steamer while we work and then watching TV while we have our dinner!

In the afternoon I do lots of blogging for my weight loss site. I am in the middle of improving lots of old posts that get a lot of SEO traffic. With some new links to posts and turning my customers into buyers!

I always spend Mondays fairly busy – catching up on weekend emails, traffic statistics and going through the passive income we have had.

We log off for the day just before 4pm as we are heading out to the hypermarket to stock up on food, office supplies etc and my printer has run out of ink (again!)


I am on the laptop before 7.30am as I have an appointment in the beauty salon from 10am-12.30pm for my laser hair removal.

I get straight on with my emails and don’t have that many once I get rid of my daily junk emails. It’s amazing how many junk emails I get and I can easily be left with just thirty percent of my emails once I have got rid of the rubbish.

Tuesdays are always crackers in my world. Its when all our staff reports come through from our manager and it can take me up to six hours to sort through it all and monitor everything that is going on.

I am always experimenting so every week on a Tuesday I am looking at conversions and how they can be improved on and ditching anything that is not working out.

Today it is Linkedin Groups that are getting fired as they are just not converting, yet Facebook groups are on fire. No matter what I do they don’t slow down.

Though, if I hadn’t monitored this, I wouldn’t know would I?

Today we are also working for some of our clients and building blogs and writing email copy for them.  We are working with two of our favourite old themes and its amazing how different they can look from one clients site to another. Even by just changing the graphics can bring them to life.

About a third of our work is for clients (the rest passive) and we get our client work done prompt and then when we are waiting to hear back from clients we then do our own work. It means that we can always be busy and by being super organised we can work fast and then get more achieved.

I work late catching up on client work and drag Dominic off the Playstation at 9pm after a long hard day of work.


This morning I catch up on everything that has happened over night and give my social media channels some tender loving care.

I am online by 7.30am, after another row with our 12 year old. Typical boy he seems to think he can go to school with smelly feet!

I spend the morning writing module #15 of the Affordable Internet Marketing Course and updating outsourcers. I have been making a few changes to my files and making sure that everything is up to date.

Dominic cooks us roast duck and steamed vegetables for dinner and we watch Eastenders on the Playstation 3 that was on television last night.

After collecting Kyle from school at 11.30am we go to the beach and enjoy some family time. With me working in front of a laptop all day it never feels like I get enough exercise so the local beach solves that problem.

And we walk for about 2 miles up the beach, collecting pebbles as we go and enjoying the sunshine on our backs. Kyle goes in the sea (only 28c so too cold for us) and we have a lovely walk around the local town.


Its going to be our first day this week, were we work a full day and see how much we can squeeze into it. I work on some new blog posts and manage 12 pages of writing. Then after more duck for dinner, more blogging. I am working on some new squeeze pages so this takes up more of the afternoon.

I am also analysing some more ads that have done very well that I want to bring onto more of my sites.

I am also planning on venturing into the video marketing niche (finally) and putting together the first script to my outsourcer ahead of having them made. So far we have a very funky start and end we just need a quirky middle.

In late afternoon there is a burst of noise in our home office as Kyle and his school friends burst in. Using up most of DSM Publishing’s printer ink on their school project.

I think his friends are a little surprised to see a couple working from home – even though it is everyday life to use.

We finish at 5pm and head to the kitchen to cook Chicken Fajitas.


After marinating the chicken for lunch I log on at 8.30am and after a large round of emails I sort through this weeks outsourcing wages. Right now we have a team of 19 working for us and it’s the slow old fashioned way of manually putting through Paypal payments. I don’t use any fancy software as I want to make sure everything goes through without a hitch.

After that it is a case of getting all the files together to send to our team for the week ahead. So that everything is organised and our websites can run smoothly.

I also spend an hour going through the statistics and looking at the performance of my Aweber lists.

Dominic heads out to the accountants to file our quarterly tax receipts. It gives me the office to myself for the morning. I have this habit of talking to myself when typing so by having the place to myself I can then do it as much as I like!

In the afternoon we head out to a game of tennis and a swim in the outdoor pool at our local tennis club. It’s the last decent week of weather this week and then it drops to about 18-21.

We then collect Kyle from school and go to the cinema to see the latest Sandra Bullock movie. It is a good job I had that exercise earlier with a Chinese Buffet after the cinema!

And there you have it, a week in the life of us at DSM Publishing. Some weeks we work longer hours, sometimes we work on a Sunday and sometimes we work less. The beauty of internet marketing is that no two weeks are ever the same.

Therefore if you are considering a career in internet marketing this is what it can be like!

avatar DSM Publishing is owned and operated by husband and wife team . They are also the founder and editor of the Affordable Internet Marketing Course and several other publications. Learn more about them here and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook also on Google+

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