A Quick Income Stream Upsell On One Of Your Vintage Products

"A Quick Income Stream Upsell On One Of Your Vintage Products"Now this is a great way to bring an old product back to life and to create an extra income stream for one of your more vintage internet marketing ebooks. And you don’t have to have a list to pull this off (even though it helps) as it could just as easily be sold via Pay Per Click, SEO or through banner advertising.

What you do is take a great product that you already own and on the download page of the product you offer private label rights. It has to be a product that is old enough to be past its original launch so that people using your private label rights version are not in competition with you.

But what you have to remember is that 95% of customers that buy private label rights will still be sat on the content six months later so you will not have a saturation in the market.

This system is also a great idea to offer it when the product is a year old and you can re-launch it with PLR.

You could also charge more for your private label rights licence by offering it to a limited number of people.

Another way to do it is also to have an extra payment button on the sales page where you offer private label rights.

So if you have a product that is six months old and is not selling at $27 as much as it used to. Then reduce the main price to $17 and then offer a private label rights version for $37 and before you know it you are selling the product for more than what you originally sold it for.

Just think of adding this upsell to your product or look at other upsells you can sell with your product to make the most out of them. And watch as you double your Clickbank sales.

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