A Is For Article Marketing

"A Is For Article Marketing"Well, here we are in the first post of the A to Z Challenge for DSM Publishing. I am truly so excited about this challenge and I have found great success with it. I am so delighted to bring this challenge to the DSM Publishing site and looking forward to sharing information related to Internet marketing with you all in this insightful and exciting way.

For the letter ‘A,’ I have chosen to discuss Article Marketing. To me, it really makes sense to start this challenge with this topic, as article marketing is such an important part of Internet marketing. But, what exactly is article marketing and why is it such an important part of this industry? Well, let’s have a look.

Article marketing is a type of marketing strategy that has been around for quite some time. It refers to the process of generating a keyword rich article that focuses on the information related to a Web site and that information should be relevant and informative. The article is then posted on an article site and these article sites syndicate the content of the article becomes syndicated. Once the article has been syndicated on an article site, it is then potential ‘link bait’ that other sites can use.

Allow me to clarify. When I say ‘link bait,’ I mean that authors of other articles or blogs can link to your article. Say, for example, you are in the Internet marketing niche and you write an article about creating backlinks. Someone else in the Internet marketing niche who wants to write about post about creating backlinks may then link back to your article. This linking, in effect, generates more exposure for your article, your writing and your area of expertise. As you can imagine, this all translates to more traffic for your site.

A word of caution should be given when talking about article marketing. If you are planning on using this strategy as part of your marketing approach, then you must compose well written articles. Article sites are looking for high quality articles and if you compose something that is less than stellar, the article sites are going to look at you as being spammy – and, as you can imagine, being labelled ‘spam’ is never a good think in the Internet marketing industry.

If done right, article marketing is a tactic that can really benefit your online business.

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