A 105 Year Old Woman Claims To Be The Oldest Facebook User In The World

"elderly facebook users"A 105 year old great, great grandmother is claiming to be the oldest Facebook user in the world, although the site has not officially recognised her age because it does not allow anyone over the age of 101 to enter their date of birth currently.

Maria Colunia Seguar-Metzgar is the 105 year old woman who was born back in 1907 and her family are claiming that she is the oldest Facebook user in the world.

On her Facebook profile you can see that Maria is listed as being from Madrid in New Mexico and now lives in Albuquerque and that she recently celebrated her 105th birthday with family and friends.

Although Maria and her family believe that she is the oldest user of Facebook the social media site does not allow her to enter her real date of birth of 1907 and so has registered her instead as being 101 years old.

Anthony Segura, the 60 year old grandson of Maria, told ABCNews,com that he had initially tried to set up the Facebook account for his grandmother with the correct date of birth but there was no option available for 1907 so instead he had to settle with her being registered as being 101 years old.

He said: “I tried again and just put in 101 and it accepted it for the timeline, even though she was 104 (at the time of registering).”

He added that he and the family were looking for official recognition of his grandmother being the eldest Facebook user in the world but that the real reason Maria was on Facebook was not for any record but instead to be able to keep in touch with her large family and to be able to let them know that “she’s still alive and kicking”.

Currently the oldest recognised registered user of Facebook is 101 year old Florence Detlor.

Florence was given the title of the oldest Facebook user by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg this summer.

She was also invited to take a tour of the Facebook campus located in Palo Alto and was pictured with Mark Zuckerberg at the site during the visit.

There may not have been the internet, computers or mobile phones around in 1907 when Maria was born but the 105 year old is said to enjoy using Facebook and accesses it from her iPad which she used to be able to read birthday wishes sent to her through Facebook.

When asked what she likes about Facebook, Maria responded with “I love it all!”


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