A 10 Minute Lesson in Keyword Research

"A 10 Minute Lesson in Keyword Research"It is widely agreed amongst internet marketing experts that keyword research is the most important aspect of seo so with that in mind here is a 10 minute lesson in keyword research.

Keyword research is often perceived to be difficult but even though it is worth spending some time on it, it really is straight forward and once you get into the swing of things it is especially easy to do. There are tools available which make keyword research a very quick and easy process but as you would probably expect, these tools come with a price tag.

One option if you are just starting out in internet marketing and which is completely free is the Google keyword tool. As you would expect with Google, this free tool is very good and is adequate for anyone who wishes to dip their toe in keyword research and will be able to move on to the paid tools when they begin to make some money.

The great thing is, you don’t really need a 10 minute lesson in keyword research because a one minute lesson will do, you simply need to find keywords and phrases which have a decent amount of searches per month and which have limited competition amongst other websites which are optimised for the same keywords and phrases.

One thing that surprises many people when they start using a keyword research tool for the first time is the amount of phrases on the subject that they are looking for that they would have never even considered. It is always a good idea to drill down which in effect means clicking on a keyword phrase that is thrown up and looking at related keywords to that phrase.

Before you know it you have a number of highly searched for phrases which a marketing campaign or website content can be based around. It stands to sense really that  carrying out this preparation will pay dividends in the long run if done correctly.

A mistake some people make when carrying out keyword research is to get excited when they find a  keyword which is searched for many times but if there is lots of competition it really defeats the object of the keyword.

So just remember, if you are looking for a 10 minute lesson in keyword research it can be summed up very quickly, high searches and low competition, it really is as simple as that.

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