3 Super Simple Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

"3 Blog Traffic Secrets Revealed"I had an email this week from a reader who asked me what was the best place for traffic. He didn’t mind paying it but he didn’t want to be spending a dollar a click on Google Adwords.

That got me thinking of the best ways I have found to build up my own blog traffic and what truly works and the idea that you could just have three new traffic sources and yet double your blog traffic.

When I look particularly at Adwords it amazes me how much people pay for their traffic. And its one of those things that sucks you in as it is so easy to set up and this blog post is about reminding you that you do have options and you have three excellent ones!

#1 – Facebook Advertising

"3 Blog Traffic Secrets Revealed"Unless you have been in a coma for quite some time you will have heard of Facebook and their impressive Facebook Advertising system. In fact I regularly set up Facebook ads for my clients so I have been using them for some time. However the new ad type is a new thing and its called “page posts promotion” and you can get them up so that whenever you add content to your Facebook page an advert is automatically created for you.

Here is mine and it currently costs me $0.02 a click which is an amazing price. It averages about 100 visitors a day so it is $2 a day well spent.

But don’t just link to the home page of your blog as this will seriously not get you very far what you need is viral images just like all the jokes and motivation quotes that you currently see on Facebook. With your blog logo and your blog web address on it.

Like this one:

"3 Blog Traffic Secrets Revealed"

And so far it has already had 2 likes (its been live 3 minutes) and yes I am paying for clicks on it but those that share it with their friends will then share it with their friends and before you know it I have paid for 2 likes yet 200 people have seen it and it has cost me just $0.04 to get my website address in front of 200 people.

Now this is a long term plan and by doing this with all of your blog posts and then also doing it with features images (like the one above) you can really kickstart your blog.

If you do this on a daily basis you can easily add 100 visitors a day to your traffic count.

#2 – The Forum Link

Now this my by old school but have you seriously seen the amount of traffic that you can bring to your blog just by commenting on forums and having your blog link in your signature?

Its huge!

I can post one comment of a few lines long on a forum and that post will get me 50 visitors a day and its not costing me a thing to do!

Just think about it. But also make sure you do it properly because if you do low quality comments or you spend more time reading than posting you are going to end up wasting most of your day. And that is not going to help with you bringing in traffic to your site.

Here is the link for the Mega Marketing Launcher a free ebook that I wrote some time ago about forum posting. It may be vintage but it works a treat for using forums to generate a lot of traffic. And it also shows you how you can use forums for other things, particularly good if you suffer from writers block!

If you did one in depth comment a day Monday to Friday you could easily add 250 new visitors a week to your site.

#3 – SEO

Now just like at all the blogs that have a lot of traffic search engine optimisation (SEO) is the way to go! If you blog everyday Google will consider you an authority blog after 90 days and just think of you just complete your all in one seo plugin on all your posts and get a third of your posts ranked in Google.

Then out of that third each one brings you 10 visitors a day through organic traffic. This would mean that after 90 days you will have 300 visitors a day and after a year 1200 visitors a day.

And this is without link building and traffic from social media. This is literally from filling in your all in one seo plugin in and social bookmarking your posts. And with social bookmarking being so easy to outsource cheaply why not?

All you have to concentrate on is offering your blog readers uniquie regular content and then the rest of it will become second nature to you.

If you have not used the All in one plugin before here is how to add it to a post content:

"3 Blog Traffic Secrets Revealed"

And it really is as easy as that and then imagine if you used these three steps on a regular basis and then this time this year (just from making three blog traffic plans come to life) you will have added another 1300 visitors a day to your blog.

There are many other ways you could use put this gives you a fantastic starting point.

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