February 2014

My Big Move Onto Outlook And Embracing Change thumbnail

I have never been good with change at all. I like things a certain way and can be really particular about the way things are done. I was out for Valentine’s Day with Dominic. We went to our favourite Brazilian Buffet that does lovely meat dishes. It also does the most amazing fresh shrimps. There […] Read More

“twitter mood research”

New research that analysed tweets sent from countries all over the world suggests that the content of our Tweets not only reflects our moods but also shows distinct patterns across the world with the moment we wake up being seen as the happiest time of day for most people. Conventionally it is always thought that […] Read More

Hootsuite Review: The Smart Way to Manage Your Social Media Accounts thumbnail

I have been using Hootsuite for a year now (yes I know I was a late starter) and thought I would finally share my experience with using the software! First of all this time last year I was managing about 50 social media channels – mainly made up of Twitter and Facebook and it was […] Read More

“facebook relationship status news”

Facebook is known for being the one place in the world where you possibly share too much information about yourself and with so many pictures, shares, interactions and messages passing through the social network each day with just a single user it is no surprise to find that this data can be manipulated to find […] Read More

“pinterest update news”

Pinterest have revamped their mobile app to allow users a smoother experience while accessing the social media site from their mobile devices. This is no ordinary update of software according to Pinterest it is a "complete rewrite and redesign" of the mobile app and is intended to allow more integration of the features found on […] Read More

“twitter shopping news”

According to itproportal.com a detailed document stating information about the future of Twitter with a new business partner have been leaked and show that the company could soon be harnessing the power of its more than 200 million users in the very near future. It is being reported that very soon twitter users could be […] Read More