January 2014

Does Your Website Look Good On The Telly? thumbnail

With the rapidly changing world of technology and you are now able to surf the internet through your telly, have you checked out how your own website looks on this relatively new way to view the internet? I had a look at ours through our Windows Phone, Android Tablet, PS 3, laptop and my son’s Android […] Read More

“google robotics news”

Online giants Google have purchased the UK based company DeepMind, reportedly for a massive $400 million. DeepMind is a UK based start up company that was founded by a neuroscientist Demis Hassabis with his partners Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman and is a company that specialises in making artificial intelligence machines using algorithms. The purchase […] Read More

How To Double Your Passive Income With An Extra Email thumbnail

There is always this stigma attached with follow up emails on your offers. What is acceptable and what is considered as bugging someone. I remember unsubscribing once because I received the follow up 14 times about a product over a three day period. This is extreme and annoying but what is good and what is […] Read More

How To Make A Quick Profit In Any Niche thumbnail

This is one of my favourite ways for making a quick profit online and it can easily apply to any niche. Whether you are in the gardening niche, work with pets, game consoles or even the food industry this will work perfectly for you. Take the Playstation 3 for example. We bought ours a couple […] Read More

“facebook tending news”

Social media giants Facebook have introduced a new "trending" feature on the site to allow users to see easily the hot topics that relate to them. The tending feature of Facebook is currently only available on the desktop version of the social media site but it is thought that if it proves to be popular […] Read More

Using Outsourcing To Build Brand New Income Streams thumbnail

On an average week I must read 20 new ebooks and short reports. I am not a fan of videos so they will all be in PDF format. Some will be 100 pages long, where as others will be as low as 6 pages. What they all have in common is that there are all […] Read More

“pinterest trademark news”

The growth of Pinterest as a global force in online social media has come across a major bump in the road with the company struggling to trademark its name in Europe. In the past year the popularity in Pinterest has rocketed, not only in the US where it was first based, but also across Europe […] Read More

How To Get Small Blogs With Small Traffic Making Money In 2014 thumbnail

Late last year I mentioned a food blog that I followed that had shed loads of traffic (around a million a month) but not much in income. Actually, it was and still is making less than $0.01 per unique visitor. And when you say that out loud it can be a very scary concept……. And […] Read More

“facebook privacy news”

Facebook is under fire once again regarding privacy of its millions of users with claims that the social media network has been monitoring private messages sent by users within the network. A class action suit has been launched against Facebook alleging that Facebook is monitoring the content of private messages and links that are posted […] Read More