October 2013


Last time we covered Google Webmaster Tools and showed you how you can use Google Webmaster Tools to get ranked in Google and repair SEO problems. It got me thinking about Bing. We all want Google and don’t really care about Bing as it’s not the number one. In the same way that there are […] Read More

“twitter shares”

Twitter, the hugely popular micro blogging social media site is looking like becoming one of the most valuable companies in the world if projections on buy prices are to be believed. News reports are predicting that the share price of Twitter stock could potentially double in the first year of it being listed on the […] Read More

“instagram hotel”

The hotel is being dubbed the first Instagram hotel in the world bu the 1888 hotel in Sydney is using the popularity of Instagram to encourage guests through the doors of the unique hotel. The hotel, with its innovative design and decor, has been called the most Instagramable hotel in the world making it the […] Read More

“Google Webmaster Tools”

Last week we had great fun with part 5 and discovering the art of social bookmarking. However I am sure you will agree that to run a good quality SEO campaign you need tools and this is where this week’s blog post comes in. As we are looking at the Google Webmaster Tools and how […] Read More