October 2013

“Why Most People Fail To Make Money Online”

I thought I would share with you the biggest reason why I believe people fail to make money online and continue to fail in their internet marketing businesses. It is straight forward and simple. Plus I believe the majority of internet marketers are sat there staring at this failing to realise the one problem that […] Read More

“ebay speedy delivery news”

Online auction site eBay have announced that they are to buy Shutl with the company then hoping to be able to provide customers in the UK with a one hour delivery service. Already eBay offer clients in some parts of the United States the chance to buy an item and then have it delivered to […] Read More

“Themedy Themes Review”

After you have bought your thesis theme from DIY Themes unless you have a great knowledge of the Thesis framework you are going to want to get a skin. I went through countless resources online promising great new skins for Thesis 2.1. But to be honest the skins were not that great and the choice […] Read More

“Multiple Streams Of Income”

If you are working for an employer there is always some kind of security of knowing when your next income is coming from. You know that for example of the first of the month you will be paid and it will pay your bills and hopefully have some left over. However with being self employed […] Read More

“Black Hat SEO VS White Hat SEO”

Here is part 9 of our DIY SEO series and you can start it from here with part 1. This debate has being going on for as long as I remember. If you were not into internet marketing and SEO you could be forgiven into thinking this blog post is about different types and colours […] Read More

“Algarve Portugal”

A week in the life of an internet marketer isn’t all fun and games. Though our 12 year old son Kyle seems to think we have it easy and that we just do a bit of blogging and then he is suddenly provided for. We live in a small town in Portugal, 20 minutes drive […] Read More

“real life pinterest”

Social media platform Pinterest has taken a step into the real world in New Zealand with the countries first life sized Pinterest event taking place at a shopping centre. Pinterest is known as being a place where people can gather inspirational images into one place and then pin them onto boards.  Pictures are linked to […] Read More

Thesis 2.0 Review

“Thesis 2.0″

This Thesis 2.0 Review is the result of finally making it onto Thesis 2.0 and installing a fantastic theme via Themedy. Since we have been working online we have changed our themes a number of times mainly because they look outdated which can happen very quickly in the internet marketing world. We have been big […] Read More

“Do It Yourself SEO Google Penguin”

After last week and discovering how easy it is to get indexed on Bing, I wanted to touch on the Google updates. As many of you are aware there was another Google update in the last week and it has hit a lot of sites. And that is the worst thing. You make all the […] Read More

“amazon abuse e books news”

Amazon, the online retailing giant, has taken the step of removing e books for sale on its site with abuse themes. According to a report by the BBC Amazon has removed books with titles such as "Taking My Drunk Daughter" from its Kindle store following a report which highlighted the number of titles available from […] Read More