September 2013

“Social Bookmarking”

This week’s DIY SEO is all about learning and understanding social bookmarking sites so that they can work for you. I hope you enjoyed my blog last week and have now got the hang of Facebook groups and how they can not only bring you lots of traffic but also influence your search engine optimisation. […] Read More

New Logo For Google Unveiled

New Logo For Google Unveiled thumbnail

Google have begun to roll out a fresh new look and logo for their homepage, although the changes have been slightly underwhelming for many who have found it difficult to even see a difference in the logo for the hugely popular search engine. For those who have the new logo on first glance it will […] Read More

“Social Bookmarking How To”

Social Bookmarking has been a massive asset to our online business along with many other bloggers and internet marketers. Social bookmarking is all about adding your website links to these bookmarking sites and gaining a strong presence back to your site. It is like telling the world that you have amazing content and then it […] Read More


In the last three weeks I have given you an introduction to do it yourself SEO, shown you how to do the best keyword research without buying any expensive tools and last week how to blog your way to the top of Google for good. Now what about Facebook? But you are going to scream […] Read More

“facebook new features”

Social media giants Facebook have announced that they intend to trial the automatic playing of videos on the news feeds of users. The new feature from Facebook will see any videos on the news feed of a user running automatically, although they will not feature any sound unless the video is clicked on directly by […] Read More

“Income Streams Tips”

What if I said to you to forget everything you read and that there are actually only five ways to increase your income streams and your profits? You would probably think I was mad! After all there are millions of websites selling 101 ways to make money and I sell some of them myself through […] Read More


What I am going to share with you is a technique that over time can bring a thousand plus visitors a day to your site and this is EXACTLY what Google wants you to do. It’s shockingly simple and if you thought keyword research was simple last week then you will love this. For a […] Read More

“amazon phone”

The online retailer Amazon have announced that they will not be offering free smartphones for their customers following a frenzy of news stories over the weekend stating that when the online giants release their own smartphone onto the market that it could be free. Before the weekend it was reported that Amazon had plans to […] Read More

“Website Security”

We have always concentrated our time and energy into our business profits and traffic but what about the dark side of website ownership? What if your site was hacked? Would it be a case of too little too late? Or are you going to act on your site now? Over the past few weeks Dominic […] Read More

“Increasing Hostgator Speed”

We all get told to set up a website, add content and drive traffic but what about the other side of your business? And that is running a fast website that people will visit without leaving because of slow page times and so forth. We are all told to watch our bounce rates but what […] Read More