August 2013

“Do It Yourself SEO”

I have done my own SEO for a very long time now and its something that is part of my day to day internet marketing life. And I get a real buzz out of doing my SEO. Every Tuesday my manager sends me a report with my weekly SEO positions and what gives it the […] Read More

“Deleted 3000 Subscribers From My Mailing List”

We all know that list building creates freebie seekers and that from time to time new subscriber’s use free email address just for joining mailing lists. It is normal and it is totally expected. But over time what if you end up with thousands on your mailing list that is going to people that are […] Read More


Online marketplace Fiverr have announced that the site has hit the two million mark with two million gigs now having bee registered on the site. This was a real cause for celebration for those behind Fiverr mainly because the site has come a long way in the past year.  Only last year the site celebrated […] Read More

“Creating Multiple Streams Of Residual Income”

Creating multiple streams of residual income seems to be the key to financial freedom. When it comes to making money, most people think about getting a job. You to go to work, you get paid, and make savings. If you're tired of going to work every day, consider working online. From promoting affiliate products to […] Read More

“Making Money Online”

Starting an Internet marketing business is not as easy as it seems. While it is true that anyone can make money online, only a few succeed. If you want to build a profitable online business, you need to have realistic expectations. Over 95 percent of Internet marketers fail. Making money on the Internet requires hard […] Read More


Online giants eBay are using their knowledge about how customers shop and are now transferring this to the high street to allow shop assistants to be able to tailor the shopping experience of each customer that walks in through the door. When customers go online to eBay to buy a product the company already has […] Read More

“Twitter For Your Business 2013″

Today's marketers rely on social media to reach their audience and increase brand awareness. Social media accounts for 24 percent of all time that Americans spend online. With over 500 million users, Twitter is a perfect fit for businesses and customers alike. The average Twitter user has 208 followers. There are over 400 million tweets […] Read More

“Bad Forum Commenting Experiences”

Like most people I have built up a considerable amount of my free traffic through forum commenting. When done correctly it can bring a great amount of quality traffic your way and you can build up the traffic for your future. I first started forum commenting back in 2005 and also wrote The Mega Marketing […] Read More


Sheryl Sandberg, the second in command at the social media giants Facebook has been found to have sold off a massive $91 million worth of stock in the company. For the very first time since Facebook floated its stock on the market the value has actually rise above the initial floatation price with stocks now […] Read More


HootSuite vs. TweetDeck: which platform is best for your social marketing campaign? Both apps are used by millions of people and offer great features. However, each has pros and cons. HootSuite allows users to connect and manage multiple social media accounts. With TweetDeck, you can only manage different Twitter accounts. HootSuite has free and paid versions, […] Read More