July 2013

“Facebook Vs Twitter”

I am amazed these days how many internet marketers are still in their 9 to 5 jobs and are running internet marketing businesses during evenings and weekends. And some are running them while they are supposed to be working for someone else (though that is top secret so don’t spill!) and there just isn’t the […] Read More

“search engine warnings”

Google have refused to sign up to a new alert system that would see people being presented with an online warning if they type any term into the search engine that could be linked to images sought after by paedophiles. The internet giants Google have been accused of not trying to help prevent images of […] Read More


Unique Article Wizard Review showcases the pros and cons of using this unique system. Through the eyes of my own personal experience with Unique Article Wizard. Tens of thousands of marketers rely on this software for content marketing, SEO, and link building. Also known as UAW, this step-by-step system allows you to create three different […] Read More

“facebook for every phone users”

The Facebook for every phone app now boasts a massive 100 million users around the world and has been credited with enabling phone users in developing parts of the world to have faster and better access to the internet with less sophisticated phone handsets. The Facebook for every phone app was designed to be used […] Read More

“The Ultimate Introduction To Using Fiverr”

Unless you have been living it up on a desert island for the last few years you will have heard of Fiverr in some way or another. In fact it’s difficult to go on an internet marketing forum without reading something about how good Fiverr is for you and your business. Its actually one of […] Read More

“Online Customer Service And Why I HATE It”

So yesterday I contacted Aweber because there was a problem with my Aweber account and ended up getting what felt like an automated message from this guy called Bob. Through two different emails he never even answered my question and even suggested that even though I had my account for 8 years I didn’t know […] Read More

“Automated Income Streams”

Automated income streams are the perfect solution for those who want to build a profitable online business. Even though you can't completely automate your business, there are a number of things you can do to create long term passive income. Spend an hour or two every day working on new projects to build additional revenue […] Read More

“Making Money Online”

Do you know what your audience wants? Give it to them! Anticipating your customers' needs is essential for the success of your business. Internet marketers and small business owners are constantly looking for ways to connect with their prospects and identify their needs. If you want to make money online and build a profitable business, […] Read More

“social media FOMO”

Social media is now more than ever part of everyone's daily lives but it seems that an increasing number of people are finding it hard to switch off from social medial leading to cases of FOMO - the Fear Of Missing Out. A survey from MyLife.com of over 2,000 adults in the US found that […] Read More

“Blog Content”

What kind of blogger are you? What writing style defines you? Are you a lifestyle blogger, a tech blogger, or a fashion blogger? Your blog is a place to tell stories. If it's business blog, you'll tell stories that educate and inspire people. If it's a personal blog, you'll focus on your own experiences. Every […] Read More