May 2013

“facebook survey”

A new study which has looked at the interests and likes of one million Facebook users has found that there are very distinct patterns in what people tend to like and be interested in at different ages but the one big difference the study found was that men and women find topics interesting at very […] Read More

“the internet marketing dream”

Building a successful Internet marketing business is more difficult than it seems. Most people expect to make money within a few days or weeks after starting an online business. Everybody claims to have the "inside knowledge" that will help you succeed. There are thousands of books and products featuring get-rich-quick schemes and money making opportunities […] Read More

“uk governemtn questions google”

Only days after breaking the $900 share price mark Google are now facing problems once again in the UK as government ministers challenge the internet giants over how they have been declaring their income in the country for tax purposes. According to a report by the BBC the chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret […] Read More

Multiple Streams of Income Theme thumbnail

Multiple Streams Of Income Theme is one thing that we are all really interested in knowing about others. So I thought I would splash the info and share my very own multiple streams of income theme. People always say to me that the hardest part of internet marketing is deciding what to name their domain […] Read More

“high conversion rate”

No matter how great your site looks, it won't attract any buyers unless you have a good sales page. Many online marketers focus solely on increasing the number of visitors they have without putting too much effort into creating successful sales pages that convert. Your conversion rate indicates the number of prospects who complete a […] Read More

“google share prices”

Google have seen the value of their shares break the $900 barrier for the first time making the internet giants worth a staggering $300 billion. The milestone came today when the company saw a two percent rise in the value of their shares pushing the total value to $906. The huge share price was just […] Read More

Hostgator vs Bigrock

Hostgator vs Bigrock thumbnail

Hostgator Vs BigRock now that is a decision and a half. After all when you host a website a lot of thought and attention needs to be put into the hosting company for the obvious reasons. Choosing a reliable web host can be difficult. There are hundreds of hosting providers on the Internet, but only […] Read More

“waze facebook”

Rumours are circulating about the possibility of Facebook potentially buying up Waze, a mobile traffic map, for a cool $1 billion which has left many people wondering why Facebook are so interested in this map. The Waze map uploads information from different users to allow people to know about traffic problems in their local area. […] Read More

Aweber Review: Eight Years After First Joining Aweber thumbnail

Aweber review has been a long time coming after eight years of being one of their many email marketing clients. Aweber is like paying for the electric if you have business premises. You literally can not survive with it. Of course there are other auto responders out there but none of them ever seem to […] Read More

“making money online”

Are you wondering why your website isn't making any money? Are you struggling to generate multiple income streams? There are so many ways to earn money online that almost anyone can find a method that works for him. Still, most people fail. If you have a site or blog, you can earn revenue from affiliate […] Read More