April 2013

“setting business goals”

Setting goals is the first step in the right direction for any business. In addition to attracting prospects, your Internet marketing strategy may include increasing customer loyalty, reducing operational costs, and expanding your business. It is essential to set goals for your new website before you start working on it. Go through all of the […] Read More

“pinterest talk”

The founders of Twitter and Pinterest were joined by a host of tech executives including founders of Evernote, Skype and Android to give advice to businesses people in Japan. The special forum was aimed at showing people in Japan how they can move forward with business to develop the economy of the country that has […] Read More

“wordtracker for keyword research”

Wordtracker is a popular keyword research tool offering lots of great features. Whether you have a blog or a business website, you can use this online tool to identify the most profitable keywords and gain a competitive edge. This service offers flexible search options and a large database of over 300 million terms. If you […] Read More

“safety online”

Facebook have announced that they will be working with attorney generals in the US to help to educate young people about online safety. Facebook announced today that they will be working together with 19 attorney generals on a campaign to let people know about the dangers that can be online and how to protect themselves […] Read More

“web hosting provider”

Many companies these days can't afford even a few minutes of downtime. Thus, choosing a reliable web host is critical for your business. The hosting provider manages the servers on which your site will run. All hosting plans have some basic common features. Before you start searching for the best provider, take the time to […] Read More

“twitter music app”

Twitter have announced that they will be launching a new application for the micro blogging site allowing users to interact with music while using the social media platform. The exact details about the new Twitter music app are still unclear but what is clear is that Twitter are looking to use the micro blogging site […] Read More

“online business mistakes”

A huge percentage of online businesses don't survive more than a few months. Statistics show that over 50 percent of start up businesses fail within their first year. The lack of a business plan, inefficient management and poor planning are just a few of the reasons why so many entrepreneurs run into problems along the way. Nothing […] Read More

“ads facebook”

Facebook will be looking at the activity of users offline as well as online to be able to target advertising more specifically to users. The new feature from Facebook has been revealed as being called Partner Categories and will see Facebook working with consumer data companies Acxiom, DataLogix and Epsilon. The data companies specialise in […] Read More

Complaint Filed Against Google by Microsoft thumbnail

The dominance of Google in the mobile market is being challenged by Microsoft and other companies as it files a law suit against Google with the European Commission. The law suit centres around the fact that Microsoft believe that Google is "pushing" its services such as YouTube and Google Maps onto mobile devices running with […] Read More

“starting an online business”

The Internet has made it easier to start your own business. Before you get started, there are a few things that you need to consider. Just having a website is not enough to become successful. You will have to learn what it takes to attract customers and rank in search results. Selling products and services […] Read More