February 2013

“social media marketing tips”

Would you like to promote your business on social networks but don't know where to start from? Once you get the ball rolling, the process of maintaining a social presence is just another part of your overall marketing plan. Many reputable brands as well as small companies are using social media to promote their products […] Read More

“online marketing tips”

Internet marketing has grown dramatically over the last few years. Many business owners are confused and don’t know where they should invest their online marketing budgets. From Facebook ads and Google Adwords to SEO and press releases, there are countless places to market your business. However, not all strategies are worth pursuing. Here are a […] Read More

Facebook Targeted By Hackers

“facebook zero day attack”

Facebook have confirmed that they were the target of a sophisticated cyber attack yesterday (Friday) which they believe came from China. The social networking site said that hackers had recently infiltrated computers of some of its employees, although no user date was compromised assured the company. An official statement from Facebook said: "As soon as […] Read More

“website rankings”

The latest Google algorithm changes have affected millions of websites. Many of them are not fully recovered. Every SEO company out there has a few clients that have seen negative drops in their rankings. Some webmasters experience this problem because they were penalized by the search engines for bad SEO practices, over-optimization, poor quality links, […] Read More

“twitter mobile survey”

Twitter have conducted a survey about the users of the micro blogging which has revealed that their users are on average more engaged with brands than other forms of social media. The survey focused on the mobile audience of Twitter, an area where the social media platform has recently excelled where other social networks have […] Read More

“web pages”

Many business owners are not sure about how many pages they need on their websites. This is one of the factors that determine how much a new website costs. It also has a direct impact on your SEO strategy. There is a set of pages that make sense for almost any business site, including: Homepage […] Read More

“facebook like button”

Facebook could be heading to court as legal action is taken against the social media giants with a company claiming that Facebook have been using the Like button and other features illegally. A patent holding company is acting on behalf of a dead Dutch programmer, Joannes Jezef Everardus van Der Meer. These patents, formerly held […] Read More

“social media hashtags”

Hashtags are a useful social media engagement tool. Their role is to tie multiple tweets into one conversation or category. It's a way of grouping tweets together. If you have a Twitter account, you can use hashtags to find groups or conversational topics. Some people use this feature to find others with similar interests, gain […] Read More

“online business models”

Creating a successful business requires careful planning and excellent execution. While it is important to provide value to your audience and generate sales, the right business model accelerates the path to success. From affiliate marketing and membership sites to online stores and eBay sales, there are many business models to choose from. Assess Your Needs […] Read More

Updated AdWords From Google

“adwords google”

Google have updated their AdWords network in a bid to be able to target smartphone and tablet users. It is predicted that the number of people using Google to search on tablets and smartphones will increase dramatically in the coming months and is soon to take over from searches on laptops and PCs.  With this […] Read More