January 2013

“twitter hashtags”

Increasingly more people are using hashtags on Twitter. But what is a hashtag? What role does it have? Hashtags are words or phrases prefixed with the ā€œ#ā€ symbol. They allow users to track and participate in conversations or events, tie multiple tweets into one category, and add metadata to their tweets. Hashtags enable you to […] Read More

“business website”

Business websites have less than 30 seconds to capture the interest of potential clients. Internet marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. An online presence has become essential. Your business website is vital - helping you grab people's attention, tell them who you are, and give them a reason to choose you over your competitors. The […] Read More

“google boss against facebook”

The war of the internet giants continues this time with Google boss Larry Page stating that he believes that Facebook is "doing a really bad job on their products". The comment was made during an interview which saw Chief Executive of Google, Larry Page, talking to Wired Magazine. The interview was published during the same […] Read More

“pinterest marketing”

Everyone is talking about the marketing power of Pinterest. This new social network has gained a lot of popularity in the last year. Pinterest allows users to create online image collages and share them with their contacts. You can name these customized themed boards whatever you like and organize them by categories. It is the […] Read More

“twitter pics case”

A court in America has found two news organisations guilty of improperly using images posted on Twitter. The landmark case found that Agence France-Presse and The Washington Post both infringed the copyrights of Daniel Morel, a photographer who posted photographs onto Twitter showing the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. This case shows how intellectual property […] Read More

“business blogging”

A great blogging strategy is the cornerstone for any online business. Blogs are one of the best ways to convey what your brand is about and keep your customers informed about your products and services. When done in the right way, blogging can help you build quality links, get targeted traffic, and improve your online […] Read More

Facebook User Numbers Fall As Social Network Site Reaches Saturation Point thumbnail

The number of users accessing Facebook in the UK fell in December with analysts pointing to the site reaching saturation point as the reason for the dip in the number of people using the social networking site. According to SocialBakers, a firm that monitors and measures the level of traffic using social networks for advertisers, […] Read More

“quality in seo”

Good SEO is all about creating quality links and quality content. One of the most common misconceptions is that in order to rank high in search engines you must have pages and pages of content loaded with keywords. Many of those who are new to SEO waste time and money writing poor quality content and […] Read More

Will Your Business Be Noticed or Will You Simply Disappear Into Cyberspace? thumbnail

Starting an online business is not difficult. Anyone can set up a website, add content, and promote products. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you can advertise your services online and reach new customers. Maintaining a strong online presence is the hardest part. You want people to be able to find information about your company […] Read More

US States Working To Improve Social Media Rights Of Employees thumbnail

When employers are looking to to take on a new member of staff it is becoming increasingly common for them to review the social media activity of that person, however it has also been found that many employees are being asked to hand over their log in information to allow employers to gain full access […] Read More