December 2012

How to Create Successful Email Campaigns That People Will Notice thumbnail

Email marketing has overtaken direct mail in terms of volume. When used properly, emails can engage, inspire, or excite your prospects. The main goal of any email campaign is to ensure that your message is opened and read versus being marked as spam or deleted. This form of marketing is not new, but getting started […] Read More

Instagram Disables Twitter Integration thumbnail

Twitter users who upload Instagram pictures to the micro blogging site will no longer be able to see the picture in full without visiting the Instagram external site. Instagram is now owned by Facebook and it is thought that the changes to the use of the app indicates a growing level of tension between different […] Read More

New Look Google Gmail for iPad And iPhone thumbnail

A new version of Google Gmail has been released by Google to be used on iOS devices of iPhones and iPads. The new look Gmail now has a new user interface, fresh animations and is also capable of having multiple accounts for users on Apple products. The 2.0 version of Gmail has been in development […] Read More

“website traffic”

Many bloggers and webmasters complain that they are not getting enough traffic even though they've done everything by the book. You are posting fresh content regularly while promoting your blog on social networks. Why is it that you’re still not getting traffic? There are hundreds of ways to get traffic, but you don’t need to do them […] Read More

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Landing Page thumbnail

There's no better way to increase your return on investment and boost conversions than by improving your landing page. Slow load times, poor quality text, and bad design are just a few challenges. With all the money spent on search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, many marketers forget that the most important factor that determines […] Read More

New Messenger Service For Facebook thumbnail

A new messenger service for Facebook could mark the beginning of the end for traditional text messages with the new service being easier than ever to be able to use and access. Facebook have announced that they have launched the newest version of their Facebook messenger service today but now the service is so easy […] Read More

Social Media Beyond Facebook and Twitter thumbnail

As the Internet continues to evolve, less known social networks can act as a supplement to a brand's current social media strategy. Business owners are finally starting to understand that they need to have a social presence, but are still confused about where that presence should be. A discussion about social media should not start […] Read More

Google Under Fire From British MPs Over Tax Payments thumbnail

Google has been named as one of the international companies operating within the UK that is paying little to no corporation tax. Google, Amazon and Starbucks have all been labeled as "immoral" by a committee of MPs from the UK who have said that these companies  use complex methods and structures to avoid paying any […] Read More

Report Finds Links Between Social Media And Psychotic Episodes thumbnail

A  report published in the Israel Journal of Psychiatry & Related Sciences has found that psychotic episodes are connected with the use of social media. According to the new study by the Shalvata Mental Health Care Center and the Sacklet Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University has revealed that social media and psychotic […] Read More

“social media for blogs”

Creating useful content that readers will enjoy is the best way to build a popular blog. The tricky part of blogging is getting people to not only read your posts, but share them and leave useful comments. As much as you love your current audience, it's essential to constantly draw in new readers. Social networks […] Read More