December 2012

What Can Web 2.0 Do for Your Online Business? thumbnail

Most business owners who operate online are too busy to pay attention to the latest web trends, but web 2.0 offers great tools for reducing costs, building lasting customer relationships, and increasing their return on investment. The "new Internet" or web 2.0 relies on social media and online communities. Web 2.0 websites are constantly changing […] Read More

New WordPress 3.5 Gives Users New Tools thumbnail

The new WordPress 3.5 version has been released with the new features offering users an enhanced blogging experience on the content management system. Firstly the new 3.5 version offers users  a new way to manage their media on the site. The media manager replaces the old version that used to pop up when you clicked […] Read More

Essential Steps to Getting Started in Social Media Marketing thumbnail

Any business owner needs social media to develop and protect his reputation, gain visibility online, and build a strong online presence. When it comes to starting an online business, your biggest problem is being invisible. Whether you want to use social media to connect with industry influencers or build relationships with your customers, it's worth […] Read More

Facebook Under Fire For Gambling App thumbnail

Facebook have come under fire from critics after the social networking site added the opportunity for users to gamble on the site using real money. The new gambling app from Facebook is part of an arrangement with 888 Holdings and now anyone using Facebook can choose to gamble through the site with amounts up to […] Read More

SEO, PR and Other Internet Marketing Terms Explained thumbnail

If you're like most business owners, you know that online marketing is essential for your success. There are lots of pieces to successful online marketing. Whether you hire an expert or you do everything by yourself, it is important to get familiar with the most common online marketing terms such as SEO, SEM, PR, CTR […] Read More

British 18 To 24 Year Olds Top Of Social Media Use thumbnail

A new report by Ofcom looking at mobile internet use from users across 17 countries globally has found that British people between the ages of 18 and 24 are the biggest users of social media. The research from Ofcom looked at data collected from different countries including from Germany, France, Sweden, India, US, UK, Ireland […] Read More

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs SEO thumbnail

For many small businesses, SEO can make the difference between success and failure. Statistics show that over 70 percent of people use local search to find products and services in their area. More than 69 percent of them trust online customer reviews and testimonials. Search engine optimization involves several strategies that help a website rank […] Read More

Google Maps return To iPhone

Google Maps return To iPhone thumbnail

Google maps are back on the iPhone and they are now better than ever for Apple users with features previously only available for Android users now available on iPhones. Apple were at the centre of criticism earlier when they released the new iPhone 5 with their own maps service on the phone.  This Apple map […] Read More

“free keyword research tools”

Keyword research is an important part of SEO and pay per click advertising. Before you launch a new website or write content, you have to choose the right keywords and use them properly. Conducting keyword research can be challenging if you aren't using the right tools. These programs allow you to see what people are searching for […] Read More

Google Top Searches of 2012

Google Top Searches of 2012 thumbnail

Google have released their top searches of 2012 showing what the world was searching for throughout the year and what the most popular subjects were. Bing, Yahoo and Ask have already released what their top searched were for 2012 but the world's largest search engine, Google, have only now divulged their statistics into what was […] Read More