November 2012

Facebook User Loses Job After Posting Photo thumbnail

American woman Lindsey Stone has found herself at the centre of a controversial row on Facebook after she posted a picture of herself making an inappropriate gesture while at the Arlington National Cemetery. Lindsey Stone worked for LIFE Inc and has handed in her resignation following the scandal according to a report by the Herald. […] Read More

“Having An Online Business Is All About Standing Out From The Crowd And People Remembering YOU”

If there is one piece of advice that I could give to you in order to find success in online business, it would be to make your business stand out from the crowd. I am sure that you have all heard the old saying that goes something like, ‘The more you stand out, the more […] Read More

“If I Had To Start Again In Internet Marketing, I Would Start With A New Internet Marketing Services Site”

I have been in the Internet marketing industry for some time now, and I have to honestly say that it has been a real adventure. When I look back at my career, I often giggle to myself. You see, when I first started out, there wasn’t much that I knew about the business; yet. After […] Read More

Twitter Being Used By Television Networks To Boost Advertising thumbnail

Twitter is increasingly being used by television networks to boost potential advertising revenue and to help the networks to be able to engage directly with viewers. According to a report by the Australian newspaper the Herald Sun it is Twitter that is proving to be one of the most important modern tools when it comes […] Read More

Is This The End Of Facebook User Democracy? thumbnail

Facebook have announced changes to their policy allowing users to be able to vote on changes made to the social media site with the move being cited as the end of user democracy on the site. The announcements from Facebook could limit the control that users of Facebook have over changes in the social network. […] Read More

“Your Internet Marketing Starts With, A Plan You Just Need To Start Implementing It”

There is an old mantra that I live by, and it goes something like; If you want to succeed at something, first you have to start with a plan. I have used this mantra in so many different aspects of my life and have found that is has proven to be quite successful; particularly with […] Read More

“Three Powerful Ways To Improve Your Keyword Research”

If there is one thing that is essential to the success of your Internet marketing business, it has to be search engine optimization. Through search engine optimization you can effectively increase your page ranking and drive more traffic to your site. There are many elements that go into a successful a successful search engine optimization […] Read More

Australian Government Developing Means To Monitor Social Media Conversations thumbnail

New software to be able to monitor the conversations of Australian citizens taking place on social media networks is being developed by the Australian government. According to a report by APP the Australian government has been working on two different types of software that will look into the conversations taking place on different forms of […] Read More

French Authorities Investigating Google thumbnail

Google and the French Government are currently in talks surrounding the amount of tax that Google pays in the country. A report by the news agency Reuters has said that Google is being investigated by the authorities in France in relation to how French advertisers on the site pay their taxes in France. Google currently […] Read More

“What Is Guest Posting And Why It Is Perfect For Your SEO Package”

All of us marketers are looking for ways to increase the ranking of and drive more traffic to our websites, right? After all, the name of the game in Internet marketing is increasing our page rankings and driving more traffic to our websites. While there are many ways in which you can boost your page […] Read More