November 2012

“How Do You Measure Against Your Competition In Your Alexa Rank?”

There are a lot of tools that an Internet marketer can use to monitor where their websites stand. In my opinion, one of the most important tools that a marketer can use to measure the success of his or her website is Alexa. The Alexa Rank of a website really does mean a lot and […] Read More

Twitter Row Over Access To Tweets thumbnail

A US judge has given a temporary restraining order that makes Twitter provide access to their Firehose but the question of who should have access to the millions of tweets created everyday is now under examination. According to news agency Reuters, a judge from San Francisco allowed PeopleBrowsr Inc, a company that analyses tweets, to […] Read More

“Your Internet Marketing Dream Starts Here. Let’s Make It A Reality!”

Well, if you have landed on the pages of DSM Publishing, you have most likely done so because you are interested in starting a business in the Internet marketing industry. If this is the case, allow me to be the first to welcome you; not only to DSM Publishing, but also to the world of […] Read More

Sex Offender Looks To Close Down Facebook Page thumbnail

A convicted sex offender has asked the High Court to remove a Facebook page which named him as a paedophile to be removed from the social network. According to a report from the BBC the lawyers for the man has said that the page presented his client with the risk of being hunted down by […] Read More

“Offline Marketing And Facebook: Where Should You Start”

Let’s face it; the advent of the World Wide Web has really changed the way that businesses do business. With the touch of a few buttons, you can access literally unlimited information. And now, with the advent of social media, the way that businesses do business has changed even more so. You see, not only […] Read More

National Mood Tracked By Twitter thumbnail

A new feature that allows people to be able to see how a nation is feeling using a form of Twitter heat map could have big benefits for businesses and politics according to its inventor. The software has been created by Silicon Graphics International (SGI) based in California and it first went on trial during […] Read More

British Business Leading The Way On Pinterest thumbnail

A British business is leading the way on Pinterest, harnessing the power of the social network to increase revenue. Christer Hollowman, the author of The Social Media MBA, tols Sky News about how one British business has used Pinterest to attract customers in a new way. With 25 million monthly visitors, Pinterest is a form […] Read More

“Pinterest Is The Final Stamp In Your Social Media Campaign, So Don’t Forget It!”

In case you aren’t aware, social media is one of the biggest tools in an Internet marketer’s tool box. If you really want to get your business noticed and you want to expand your presence on the Internet, then you are going to simply have to take advantage of social media. Now, that being said, […] Read More

“Internet Marketing Services Is All About Helping Businesses With Services That Are In Demand”

In one of my recent posts, I discussed how if I were to start over again with my Internet marketing business, that I would start with a new Internet marketing services site. In this post, I discussed how powerful such a site is and how beneficial it is, not only for me, but for my […] Read More

Google Indoor Maps Now For Web Too thumbnail

Google have introduced indoor floor plans and maps that are now available for users on the web as well as for Google Android users. The heavily detailed indoor floor plans of various buildings in the United States and selected other countries have been available for Google Android users for a year and now this amazing […] Read More