September 2012

Iran To Create Its Own Google

Iran To Create Its Own Google thumbnail

Officials in Iran have declared that they will be creating their own local version of Google after banning the Google G-mail email service last week. The ban on Google has come in response to the anti-Islamist film, a film which was distributed on the Google owned YouTube video sharing site. Already G-mail had been banned […] Read More

“Offline Advertising VS Online Advertising”

Being that the world is so driven by the World Wide Web these days, there has become a big debate in the business world: Which is more advantageous for a business; offline advertising or online advertising? Being that this has become such a debate, in this post, I am going to put the two up […] Read More

“How Much Emphasis Should Be Put On Aged Domains?”

If you are just starting out in the crazy, yet exhilarating world of Internet marketing, then you may be a bit overwhelmed. You may be finding that you are hearing all sorts of bits and pieces of information that are related to this business that you don’t know the first thing about. Have you heard […] Read More

Social media experts have spoken of the importance of the tool in solving crimes after the case of Jill Meagher in Australia. Melbourne based social media expert Kristen Boschma told the Australian newspaper, The Age, that the level of interest about Jill Meagher case on social media was "unprecedented other than natural disasters in Australia." […] Read More

New York Stock Exchange Looking To Twitter And Facebook To Spread Information Instantly thumbnail

The New York Stock Exchange will be exploring the use of different forms of social media including Facebook and Twitter in the future. Those working on the New York Stock Exchange will be using Twitter and Facebook as a way to find buyers and sellers for certain different stocks at the end of the day. […] Read More

Choosing Long Tail Keywords

“Choosing Long Tail Keywords”

If you know anything about search engine optimization, then you know that keywords are central to any search engine optimization campaign. There are two types of keywords; short tail keywords and long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are those keywords that are typically just one word and are often used on several different sites. Since […] Read More

“You Have Been Google Sandboxed Now What?”

No matter whether you are a newbie in this industry, or you have been around for a while; I am certain that it is safe to say that you are well aware of the power that Google has on the Internet marketing industry. Why is it that Google has such a huge impact on this […] Read More

“google apps”

Google have celebrated 25 million app downloads by offering customers the chance to buy up apps for just 25 cents. Apps continue to grow in popularity with Android users and now Google is hot on the heels of their biggest rival, Apple. Google made the announcement on Wednesday and immediately also unveiled their special offer […] Read More

Brazil is proving to be a battle ground for football clubs not only on the pitch but also online as different clubs fight for supremacy with their Internet marketing campaigns. Football clubs are able to use their internet marketing techniques to target their millions of fans and it is becoming an essential source of income […] Read More

Z Is For Zombie

“Z Is For Zombie”

And alas, we have reached the last post in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I can hardly believe that these 26 days have gone by already. For the very last post in this challenge, I want to talk about zombies. I know that you may be giggling to yourself and wondering what zombies have […] Read More