August 2012

“Facebook Ads Vs Google Adwords”

In the world of Internet marketing, there are two Websites that have become the bread and butter of success in the business; Facebook and Google. Both of these sites are important to a marketer because they both help Web searchers find your Web site, which of course, helps to build your business, your success and […] Read More

“Writing Content To Get Backlinks”

By now, I am certain that you know how valuable and necessary content is for the success of your Internet marketing business. It is valuable for so many reasons; for example, it can help to attract site visitors, it can increase your page rankings and it can inform your site visitors. There is another reason […] Read More

“Should You Have A Local Domain Name?”

When you register your Web site, whatever it may be, you will have to decide on a domain name for the site. There are a variety of ways that domain names can end, .com, .info, .org and .edu are most likely some of the domain names that you have seen before. Another commonly used type […] Read More

“The Art Of Avoiding Duplicate Pages On Your Website”

I am sure that you can think back to your school years and I am sure you can recall all of those strict rules on plagiarizing your work. Well, just like how it was a big No-No to copy other people’s work in school, it is also a big No-No to have duplicate content on […] Read More

“How To Keep Unique Content Coming And Coming”

So by now, you know that content is crucial to the success of your Internet marketing business. Content helps to get your Web site noticed by the search engines, it helps to keep your Web site fresh and updated and it helps to keep your current site visitors happy and attract new site visitors. That […] Read More

“The Art Of SEO Friendly Content That Your Customers Will Love”

Search engine optimization is vital to the success of your Internet marketing business. Why? Because in order to be successful in this business, you need to be noticed by the search engines and by Web searchers, and search engine optimization allows you to get your Web site noticed by both. Part of search engines optimization […] Read More

“Turn Your Niche Site Into A Fantastic Online Community”

Every Internet marketer works in a specific niche. Your niche is the area that your business focuses on. For example, your niche could be pets, cooking, crafts, holidays, Internet marketing... and the list goes on and on. People who visit your site have common interests; they are on your site because they are interested in […] Read More

“What Content Should I Write On My Website?”

Content is one of those absolutely necessary things that you need to have on your Web site. It is vital to the success of your Web site because it helps to increase your page ranking and it helps to attract new site visitors. That being said, you may be wondering what sort of content you […] Read More

“Is There Ever Such A Thing As Too Much Content?”

You have probably heard it a million times, and I know that I have even uttered it countless times myself; Content is King. This old saying has been a part of the Internet marketing industry since the inception of the business. This is one of the very first rules of the business that every Internet […] Read More

“The Growth Of Twitter And Facebook What Is The Secret?”

Everyone who has access to the World Wide Web knows that social media is, without a doubt, the ‘in’ thing. It seems like everyone who is anyone has an account on these extremely popular social media platforms. Heck, you even see the icons for these social media platforms on television advertisements and on the labels […] Read More