July 2012

“What Content Should I Add To My Website?”

I know, I know; I sound like a broken record; but just in case you haven’t gotten the point yet – content is vital for the success of your career in the Internet marketing industry. Not only will it get your website noticed by the search engines, but content will also attract site visitors, which […] Read More

“Avoiding The Fraudsters: How To Check To Make Sure Your Work Isn’t Being Plagiarized”

Sadly, it is a part of life; there are always going to be people out there who are looking to get rewarded for a minimal amount of work, and this often includes copying. Think back to your school days: Did you ever have someone copy from you on a homework assignment or on a test? […] Read More

“Ways To Check For Duplicate Content”

You have heard it from me and you have heard it from other Internet marketers, I am sure; content is king when it comes to Internet marketing. Content helps to drive the success of your business, as it makes your website more easy to find, attracts site visitors, helps to increase your ranking on the […] Read More

“Obsessing with Google PageRank”

In know that I have said it so many times before, and I say it because it is true; Google is one of the most important search engines out there and your standing with them can really influence the success of your business. This statement, however, by no means should indicate that you should become […] Read More

“10 Need To Know Internet Marketing Terms”

With every industry, there is a lingo. What this means is that there are words, phrases and acronyms that are used in every single industry that relates to the business, and the same holds true for Internet marketing. Since you are heading into the Internet marketing industry, it only makes sense that you get yourself […] Read More

“How Can Your Content Boost Your Sales?”

It is a cardinal rule of thumb in the Internet marketing industry; you need to produce quality content – and a lot of it – in order to find success in this industry. Content is one of the key ingredients for a successful business on the World Wide Web and I really cannot stress enough […] Read More

“Is Your Website Easy For The Mobile Readers”

In today’s day and age, with the advent of smart phones, people have the power of the World Wide Web right in the very hands. More and more people are using their smart phones to search for information and products, which means that the Web has really gone mobile. If you have a smart phone, […] Read More

“Checking Your Pages On Google With Google Alerts”

There are many things that you can do to ensure the success of your Internet marketing business, and one of the most important things that you can do is keep track of the success of your websites. Knowing how well your websites are doing will let you know if you need to modify them in […] Read More

“Is SEO Too Much Of An Expense For A Newbie Business?”

Whenever you make the decision to start up any business, you must be aware that there is going to be some cost involved. While starting a business on the World Wide Web via Internet marketing is certainly less expensive than it is to start any other type of business, there are overhead costs that will […] Read More

“Are You On Board With The Facebook Sponsored Stories?”

By this point, you have probably noticed a trend in my blog posts, and just in case you haven’t – I have been talking a lot about using Facebook as a means of your Internet marketing campaign. The reason I have been talking about Facebook so much lately is because I really cannot stress how […] Read More