May 2012

“How many keywords should you target?”

When it comes to your online marketing campaign, a question that is often asked is how many keywords should you target to get the most out of your marketing efforts. You will hear many different opinions of what is the best way to go, but it would be fair to say that the approach of […] Read More

Changing Domain Names

“Changing domain names”

There are many reasons why you may consider changing domain names but if this is the route that you wish to take it is extremely straightforward. It may be that your business is changing direction and the domain name that is being used at the moment no longer reflects the nature of your business. It […] Read More

“Coping with browser conflicts”

If you have ever spent ages working on your blog or website and set everything up so that it looks absolutely perfect, the graphics, header and content all look superb and then your heart sinks when you view the website from another computer and realise that it looks awful, you will know what a horrible […] Read More

“Securing Your Website and Blogs From Hackers”

Taking the time to properly protect your website is essential. There are many hackers who may try to hack your site to gain information about your customers or about the company itself. Your customers need to know that their personal information is as protected as it can possibly be and that no one will have […] Read More

“How To Optimise Your Youtube Videos”

There is no doubt about it, using youtube to drive traffic to your website is a really effective method but so many people just seem to miss out in seeing the very best results because they just don't optimise their videos properly. The funny thing is though, optimising a video is simplicity itself and just […] Read More

“how to get indexed by google quickly”

There are several ways to get indexed by Google quickly and there is no need at all to go down the black hat route. One of the easiest ways is to simply get a back link from an already established website or blog, the more established the better. Whilst some people will email established websites […] Read More

“Did Your Site Lose Traffic After The Google Update?”

All it takes is a quick look through the internet marketing forums and it will soon become apparent that many internet marketers are still suffering after the latest Google update. It would seem that many blogs and websites have disappeared completely out of trace and left their owners completely at their wits end and on […] Read More

“search engine optimisation and google images”

Using google images for search engine optimisation purposes is a process which is not widely know about but I can assure you that it works really well and is something that you should seriously consider for your own search engine optimisation activities. It is all very easy to do and there is the added attraction […] Read More

“How To Get Your Content Into Google News”

The savvy internet marketers out there know only to well that if they can get content onto Google News it will show in the search engine results more or less straight away. The benefits of this are obviously enormous but how an earth do you get content on Google news so that you can take […] Read More

“avoiding getting sandboxed on google”

I am often asked how to avoid getting sandboxed on Google as it seems to be many peoples worst fear but I always advise that if you are doing nothing wrong with regards to site building and SEO, then there will be nothing to worry about. I am not saying that your site will not […] Read More