April 2012

“avoiding black hat seo methods”

It is commonly known that a successful internet marketing business has its foundations built on solid ground and not on sand, but if you choose to go down the shady road of using black hat search engine optimisation methods there will be nothing but trouble ahead. Let me tell you a story about something that […] Read More

“How Often Should You Update Your Blog?”

I have no doubt at all that you will some of the so called guru's come out with products over the months ahead which promise to show you how it is possible to achieve superb search engine rankings but only updating your blog once every blue moon. If you want your internet marketing business to […] Read More

“SEO and Social Media”

If you have not yet embraced the wonders of social media with regards to search engine optimisation, make sure you do so as soon as possible because social media and SEO really is a match made in heaven and it makes ranking well in the search engines easier than it ever has been. Just look […] Read More

“Changing Your Website For The Better Post Google Panda”

I don't want to sound on the smug side here but I really can't see what everyone is complaining about when it comes to the Google Panda update. To be honest, I was getting sick and tired of searching for something on Google only to find myself on a website which was full of rubbish […] Read More

“Avoiding Common Social Media Mistakes”

It goes without saying that if you get your search engine optimisation right, success won't be to far behind but it would be fair to say that some people end up making mistakes with their SEO that are easily avoidable, if only they knew what they were doing. To start with, most people know only […] Read More

Why Your Offline Business Needs A Blog thumbnail

If you have an offline business, or any business for that matter it is extremely important that you have a blog because if it is operated in the correct manner, it will bring you more custom that you ever imagined. On saying that though, if a blog is set up and then left you will […] Read More

“the signs of a good quality hosting provider”

There is no doubt about it, a reliable hosting provider can make the difference between your online business succeeding or not, it really is that important, so knowing what the signs of a good quality hosting provider are will make a massive difference and should not be under estimated. The first thing to do is […] Read More

“Finding Your Voice In Social Media”

When getting involved in social media you will find that it is far easier to build your brand or finding your voice as many experts within the industry call it. Just imagine that your business is involved with personal development and over the course of a few months you build up a large following on […] Read More

“advantages and disadvantages of social media”

Social media is no doubt the buzz word when it comes to internet marketing but have you ever sat back and considered the advantages and disadvantages of social media and what it can do for your online business. To start with, if you are not involved with social media you are leaving money on the […] Read More

“Why You Should Embrace Change In Internet Marketing”

Even though internet marketing is a relatively new industry it would be fair to say that it is changing at a very fast rate and if you are someone who wants to be an internet marketing success you really should embrace all of the changes that are happening all of the time, if you don't, […] Read More