April 2012

“seo practices”

To be totally honest, the last thing that you want to be doing with regards to your internet business is to become a slave to Google and be constantly worrying if you have dome anything wrong which could cause your websites and blogs to drop down the rankings but on saying that, the aspects of […] Read More

“Avoiding Pirated Content – How To Keep Your Site Original”

I have recently read some real horror stories about internet marketers who have either had their website shut down or seen it completely disappear from the search engine rankings without knowing the reason why. It has only been on further investigation that they have unknowingly used pirate content on their website and suffered the double […] Read More

“choosing the right SEO company”

Not many people would argue that choosing the right SEO company can have a big impact on the level of success of your internet marketing business. Not many people would also argue that there are some real cowboys out there who claim to be able to assist with all of your search engine optimisation needs, […] Read More

“How Much Internet Freedom Does Your Business Have”

An awful lot is spoken about the internet marketing lifestyle but so many people completely miss the point which is such a shame because if you have freedom in your business, it will literally change your life. The key to internet freedom is having sources of passive income set up which will make you money […] Read More

“common SEO mistakes”

Everyone makes mistakes with regards to SEO but that is not a problem in itself as long as these mistakes are leant from. With that in mind, here are the four common SEO mistakes everyone makes, especially when they are just starting out. 1.   Everyone know the importance of keyword research and finding keywords and […] Read More

“Essential Tips For Adding New Unique Content To Your Sites”

You don't need me to tell you that it is now as important as ever to add unique content to your blog or website on a regular basis, if you don't you will get left behind and start to fall down the search engine rankings, it really is as simple as that so it is […] Read More

“what is good quality seo content”

We all know that quality SEO content is of paramount importance if you want to make a success of your internet marketing business but what exactly is quality SEO content. For so many years now, marketers have been putting absolute rubbish on their websites and are wondering why they are not getting ranked in the […] Read More

“Internet Marketing And SEO: Could You Survive Another Google Update”

The question of if your business will survive the next Google update is up to one person,you! If you are only interested in looking for short cuts and doing the least amount of work on your business then you will be in for a nasty surprise, even if it's not in the next Google update […] Read More

“what should you look for in your hosting provider”

If you are not happy with your hosting provider or are looking for a new one the obvious question being asked is what should you look for in a hosting provider? Every host out there claims to be the very best but we all know from experience that this is definitely not the case. So […] Read More

“Post Panda: Have You Survived?”

It would not be an exaggeration to say that many internet marketers have seen their online incomes drop because of the Google panda update and if you have survived or not would basically depend on the way that you carried out your business before the update was released. It would be a fair bet to […] Read More