April 2012

“keeping up with regular content”

You will probably already know that Google have made it quite clear that websites with content that is added on a regular basis are far more likely to rise up the search engine rankings as opposed to those that have a minimum amount of content are are not updated very often. That is all well […] Read More

“Writing A Blog For Your Business And Sky Rocketing Your SEO Results”

In my opinion, if you are in business you have got to have a blog, it really is as simple as that. The reasons for this are wide and varied but it goes without saying that the benefits of having a blog are literally endless and you will see the SEO benefits for your business […] Read More

“techniques to be a better webmaster”

If you can become a better webmaster you will make more money, it really is as simple as that but what can you do to achieve this and perhaps more importantly, will it cost you any money. The answer to that question is very simple, to become a better webmaster always try to give more, […] Read More

“How To Create The Perfect SEO Friendly Article”

If there is one thing that I have seen so much rubbish written about over my years in internet marketing, it would have to be how to write the perfect SEO article. I have seen all sorts I can assure you, and some of this information will do your website or blog far more harm […] Read More

“taking your offline business onto the world wide web”

If you have an offline business you probably know only to well how expensive advertising can be. I nearly fainted when someone told me how much it costs for an advert in the yellow pages these days, never mind advertising in the newspapers. It always amazes me though why more people with offline businesses don't […] Read More

“10 Need to Know Social Media Terms”

Social media is one of the biggest assets for an Internet marketer, as it enables you to reach a platform or literally tens of thousands of people around the globe that you may have otherwise never been able to reach. If you really want to expand your Internet marketing business and you really want to […] Read More

“social media = online word of mouth”

It has long been realised that word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of marketing with regards to business and it would be fair to say that social media is the online version of word of mouth marketing so it goes without saying that you need to embrace it with everything that […] Read More

“Do You Know Your Target Audience On The Internet”

To succeed in the world of internet marketing it is absolutely imperative that you you know exactly who is your target audience, you know what I mean, who are the people who you are trying to interest and if there are enough of them in order to make your business a success. Let me try […] Read More

“why link building will ruin your business”

Isn't it funny how things change in internet marketing and how easy it is to get caught up in certain trends. It wasn’t to long ago when every man and his dog were shouting from the roof tops about the benefits of link farms. The guru's were promoting all sorts of memberships to link farms […] Read More

“Planning The Future Of Your Sites: Where Do You See Your Site This Time Next Year?”

There is an old saying which I have always thought hits the nail very squarely on the head, that saying is quite simply,' if you fail to plan, you plan to fail' so bearing that in mind, do you know where you will be with your website or internet marketing business this time next year? […] Read More