February 2012

“Say Goodbye To Duplicate Content”

If you haven't yet done so it is definitely now time to say goodbye to duplicate content because if you don't you might as well give up on any hopes of receiving high search engine rankings. Duplicate content has always been the lazy option and it has been the case for a long time that […] Read More

Producing Search Engine Friendly Content thumbnail

Producing search engine friendly content is now no longer something that anyone involved in internet marketing has a choice about if they want to succeed, quality content is something that simply must be put in place if success is going to be achieved. Google has made it only to clear that only blogs and websites […] Read More

Why You Must Have A Blog

Why You Must Have A Blog thumbnail

There are a great many reasons why you must have a blog and the great thing is that it really is very easy to set one up. One of the main reasons why you must have a blog is because it is especially effective for branding your online business. It is important that you add […] Read More

The Art of Optimising Images

The Art of Optimising Images thumbnail

Some people don't realise the massive amounts of traffic which can come from images so it is particularly important that the art of optimising images is something which is learnt as soon as possible. The thing to remember though is that you will see far more success if the images are eye catching in some […] Read More

Google News And You

“Google News And You”

When it comes to achieving top search engine rankings it is worth looking into Google News and you, and how getting featured on the Google News section of this search engine can bring a flood of traffic to your website. If you are not familiar with Google News it can be accessed from the Google […] Read More

“Building Your Search Engine Relationships”

Building your search engine relationships is a very important part of internet marketing but the great thing is that it is all very straightforward and it is something that soon comes completely naturally. Basically building your search engine relationships means that you are not trying to get one over on the search engines by not […] Read More

Google Analytics Vs Wordtracker

“Google Analytics Vs Wordtracker”

Anyone who is interested in keyword research is especially interested in the various tools that are out there to make the job easier and one of the most common question is, which is the best tool, Google Analytics Vs Wordtracker. It would be fair to say that Google Analytics is very good in terms of […] Read More

Targeting The Wrong Keywords

“Targeting The Wrong Keywords”

Most people realise that one of the most important aspects of search engine optimisation is to make sure that the correct keywords are used and that is one of the reasons that targeting the wrong keywords can turn an SEO campaign from something that had so much promise into something that is a complete waste […] Read More

The Whole Point Of SEO

“The Whole Point Of SEO”

Some people will be asking themselves what is the whole point of SEO and it would be fair to say that the people who are asking this question are the ones who are struggling at the moment. Everyone has to start somewhere and to make matters worse there is some absolute dreadful SEO information that […] Read More

SEO Sitemaps

SEO Sitemaps thumbnail

SEO sitemaps are an important part of search engine optimisation and if done properly can make a big difference to the SEO results that are achieved. It should be remembered though that just because a sitemep is in place, that it should not be seen as a substitute for quality content which is added to […] Read More