February 2012

“Why Meta Tags Still Work With SEO”

If you are asking the question why meta tags still work with seo then the answer would have to be that you are giving the search engines and your visitors exactly what they are looking for by telling them what is contained within the web pages. A great deal of thought should go into meta […] Read More

“The Journey of Internet Marketing”

If you have been involved for a number of years you will be only to well, aware that the journey of internet marketing has been quite an amazing one and has changed quite a bit over the course of time. Who can remember the days of the software that threw up a website of hundreds […] Read More

Knowing When To Use Your Anchor Text thumbnail

It has been proven time and time again that knowing when to use your anchor text is of paramount importance in order to receive high search engine rankings. To prove this point, an extensive test was carried out a few years ago whereby various web pages were tracked which had no other form of search […] Read More

“Internet Marketing Vs Traditional Offline Marketing”

Many people will compare internet marketing vs traditional offline marketing, trying to find out which one is more effective and which route they should go down with their own business needs. There is no doubt that each one has its benefits and if you take a quick search on Google you will see success stories […] Read More

Planning Your SEO Campaign

Planning Your SEO Campaign thumbnail

You should always take the time in planning your seo campaign so that you are fully aware of exactly what seo tasks you need to carry out to ensure that your promotional campaigns go the way that you wanted. The thing that must be remembered is that planning your seo campaign is a never ending […] Read More

Social Bookmarking For SEO

“Social Bookmarking For SEO”

Social bookmarking for seo is something that is looking more and more like it will stand the test of time and is something that you should include in your SEO schedule if you want to see the kind of results that will ensure that you reach the top of the search engines and ultimately make […] Read More

Making Your Site An Authority

Making Your Site An Authority thumbnail

If one thing has become apparent due to the recent Google updates it is that making your site an authority just has to be your number one priority and the great thing about this is that it is not at all difficult to do. Many people will be under the impression that making your site […] Read More

“SEO Hit List For Brand New Sites”

It is a good idea to have an SEO hit list for brand new sites which will mean that you go through a set out number of steps when you first release a new website. This SEO list should not feature any of the so called loop holes or anything like that, just solid techniques […] Read More

Why You Should Stop Using Spinning Software thumbnail

If you are asking the question, Why you should stop using spinning software you may be surprised to know that if you do use it, the chances are that your blog or website will completely disappear from the search engine rankings. Spinning software used to be all of the rage until recently. If you are […] Read More

“Back To Basics With Internet Marketing”

It would seem that over the past few years there have been so many different methods to make money online that so many people have found themselves going off in a completely and often unprofitable new direction. The latest Google updates have made it only to clear that it is more important than ever to […] Read More