January 2012

“A 10 Minute Lesson in Keyword Research”

It is widely agreed amongst internet marketing experts that keyword research is the most important aspect of seo so with that in mind here is a 10 minute lesson in keyword research. Keyword research is often perceived to be difficult but even though it is worth spending some time on it, it really is straight […] Read More

“Content Placement and SEO Success”

If you have been involved in the world of internet marketing for any length of time you will be aware that you have to keep your eye on the ball as it is a constantly changing industry and one which you have to always be aware of which advertising and search engine optimisation methods work […] Read More

Page Rank does Matter

“Page Rank does Matter”

A question which is often asked by internet marketers of all levels is if page rank does matter or not. It seems that every man and his dog have an opinion on this subject, some people will say it is extremely important whilst others will be of the opinion that it page rank doesn't mean […] Read More

“Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads”

When it comes to pay per click advertising Google Adwords has always been regarded as the number one search engine to use but there is now a new kid on the block which is causing people to ask the question, Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads, which one is the best. Before you start any kind […] Read More

Firefox Extensions and Your Online Business thumbnail

Firefox Extensions and your online business means that it is now possible to use some of these extensions to make your internet business so much easier to run. The things is though, so many people don't even realise that these extensions exist so let's take a look at what is available and it would be […] Read More

Avoiding SEO Spam Techniques

“Avoiding SEO Spam Techniques”

The importance of avoiding seo spam techniques should not be under estimated because trying to spam the search engines is something which could mean that your website completely vanishes off the radar and is never to be seen ever again. The types of seo spam techniques are wide and varied and are usually made available […] Read More

Is Your Website User Friendly

Is Your Website User Friendly thumbnail

It is not exactly rocket science to realise that if a website does not give its visitors a good experience it is unlikely that these visitors will ever return so for that reason it is especially important to ask yourself the following question, Is your website user friendly? Let's look at a few examples of […] Read More

Don’t Run Before You Can Walk With Your Online Business thumbnail

It is perfectly normal for anyone who is starting an online venture to want to start making money as soon as possible but it is especially important that you don't run before you can walk with your online business. What makes it worse are the many stories that you often see about people who have […] Read More

“Importance Of Choosing The Right Host”

When getting involved in internet marketing the importance of choosing the right host is something that most definitely should not be under estimated. If the hosting company is lacking in any way it can mean the difference between a profitable internet marketing business and one which is not successful. There are various things to look […] Read More

“Keyword Analysis – Getting It Right First Time”

One of the main aspects of effective search engine optimisation is keyword analysis and getting it right first time. You might as well start in the way that you mean to go on and getting it right first time will mean that you will be able to start to see fantastic results over the shortest […] Read More