10 Need to Know Twitter Terms

"10 Need to Know Twitter Terms"Social media is one of the most advantageous tools for an Internet marketer. I have said it before and I will say it again; thanks to social media, Internet marketers are able to connect to literally tens of thousands of potential clients that they would likely never be able to link to otherwise. Of all of the social media networks that are available, Twitter is among one of the most popular. If you are thinking about using Twitter to connect to potential new clients and to keep your current clients updated on your new services and products, then you need to make sure that you are experienced with it. There are many terms that are used on Twitter that may seem like a foreign language to you if you are not experienced with them. Here are 10 Need to Know Twitter Terms that will introduce you to the jargon of this form of social media.

Username. Also referred to as your Twitter Handle, your username is the name that you select to represent your business on Twitter. Your username can be as long as 15 characters long, and once you select it, it will be displayed with the “@” symbol in front of it.

To Follow. This means that you have chosen to ‘follow’ another Twitter user, or to subscribe to in order to receive updates from a user.

To Follow Back. This means that you have subscribed to receive updates from a user on Twitter who is follow you.

A Follower. As the name suggests, a follower is a fellow Twitter user who has chosen to follow you, or to receive your updates.

Tweet. In lay terms, a tweet is a post or an update on Twitter. This means that you have sent a message to be posted on Twitter.

Re Tweet. A Re Tweet is when you repost what another Twitter user has posted. You would use this to share what one user is tweeting with your followers. A Re Tweet is often displayed as the acronym ‘RT.’

@Reply. This is a public Tweet that is sent from one Twitter user to another. You can post a public Tweet by adding the ‘@’ symbol in front of a username and it will post a public message onto that users Twitter account.

Hashtag. This tags a keyword or topic within a Twitter post to make it easier to search by other users.

Twitter Stream. This is a list of a user’s updates.

Direct Message. Often seen as ‘DM’, this is a private message from one Twitter user to another.

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