10 Need to Know Social Media Terms

"10 Need to Know Social Media Terms"Social media is one of the biggest assets for an Internet marketer, as it enables you to reach a platform or literally tens of thousands of people around the globe that you may have otherwise never been able to reach. If you really want to expand your Internet marketing business and you really want to find great success, then you simply must take advantage of social media.

When using social media to enhance your Internet marketing business, however, you should be aware that, like most things related to the Internet and this industry, it is constantly evolving. The constant evolution of social media means that new terms and phrases are coming about on a regular basis. If you are trying to grow your Internet marketing business using social media, then you are going to have to get stay current with the ever-changing jargon associated with social media. In order to get you acquainted with this jargon, I have create a list of 10 Need to Know Social Media Terms for you to aide you in your success.

Viral. This term is constantly used on social media. It refers to anything that is shared across social networks at a super fast rate. For example, if a video is posted on YouTube and it spreads onto Facebook and Twitter in a matter of days, hours or minutes, it has gone viral.

Platform. This word refers to the system that is used to manage content. For instance, WordPress is a platform that is used to manage blogs.

B2B. This is an acronym that stands for business to business. You may use this when talking about one business linking up with another business.

B2C. This stands for business to consumer and is used to indicate a business connecting with a consumer.

Authenticity. This word is used to show that people, rather than machines, are behind different aspects of Internet marketing, such as blogs and profiles.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These are different tactics that are used to get a website the best possible visibility on a search engine.

Blog. A blog is a site that is updated on a regular basis with the goal of sharing information and ideas related to a business’ products or services.

Tag. This indicates the labels that show what the content on your website is about.

Link Bait. This attracts income links to your site.

Traffic. This is perhaps the most important Internet marketing term and it refers to the number of visitors to your website.

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