10 Need to Know Keyword Research Terms

"10 Need to Know Keyword Research Terms"There are many things that are inherent to the success of any Internet marketing business. Among all of these things, keyword research is among one of the most important. Keyword research is central to the success of an Internet marketing business, as this helps to get your business noticed on the search engines and by site visitors. When your website has a good rating on a search engine, your business appears more reputable and you will attract more site visitors. If you are just starting out in the crazy world of Internet marketing, being knowledgeable of keyword research terms can help to steer your business in the right direction. Here is a list of 10 Need to Know Keyword Research Terms to get you started off on the right food in this industry.

Google Trends. There is one thing that every Internet marketer needs to know – and that is that Google is the be all and end all of your business. While it is important to have a good ranking on the other search engines, your ranking on Google will ultimately determine the success of your business. Google trends provides data on search volume of specific keywords over time. In short, this can tell you whether or not a keyword is gaining popularity or decreasing in popularity.

Google Insights for Search. Similar to Google Trends, this is even more powerful. It provides trend data and it shows top search terms related to that data.

Google Contextual Tool. This tool takes a keyword and finds terms and groups that is related to it, which allows you to locate any irrelevant terms.

Facebook. You may not think of social media when conducting keyword research, but it can actually help you determine keywords that are important to the audience that you are targeting.

Microsoft Ad Intelleigence. This Excel plugin will you to see how many searches there are for your specific keyword.

Search. Searching for the term that you are trying to target is central to finding an effective keyword – you will be doing a lot of searching.

Value. Find out how valuable the keywords you are targeting are to the success of your business. If they will attract a lot of visitors, go with it; if they won’t make a huge impression, they may not hold much value.

Theme. Using your keywords together in a theme will help to drive more traffic to your site.

Latent Semantic Indexing. In short, LSI means that you are discovering words and phrases that are related to your content.

Ranking. This indicates where you website sits on a search engine page. Your ranking is the entire reason for doing keyword research.

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